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Interview with Planet Beach Body Campaign Cover Model, LauRen Merola


Posted January 17, 2013

A Closer Look into the Life of Planet Beach Cover Model, LauRen Merola

LauRen Merola was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (but currently resides in Charlotte NC), where she was chosen as Miss Pennsylvania USA in 2008 and placed in the TOP 5 at Miss USA.  She is also a professional dancer, cheering for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins and the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. After working on the Steelers Sports show “The Jeff Reed Show”  LauRen has launched a successful career in Sports Broadcasting all over the world, working in both TV and Radio markets from Miami to Mumbai India.

In 2012, LauRen learned about the opportunity to become a Cover Model for Planet Beach. Her upbeat personality, thirst for competition and genuine love for the brand solidified her position as one of the Top 5 Cover Models chosen to represent Planet Beach in 2013.

Let’s take a closer look into the life of LauRen!

LauRen Merola - Body Campaign


Q: How did you hear about the Planet Beach Cover Model Competition? What inspired you to participate?

A: While I was using one of the Planet Beach spas in Miami, someone asked me if I was interested in the model search and thought I would be a good fit to represent the company. I have modeled for years but have always wanted to do something bigger than just taking a photo. I wanted to be the FACE of a product I believed in!

Q: What is your favorite Planet Beach spa service and why?

A: The Saunatox! I am a TRUE believer in relieving your body of bad toxins. I eat pretty organic and use products enriched with natural and organic ingredients but nobody’s perfect and I do cheat. So the Saunatox is exactly what I need to get back on track and feel great!

Q: What is your favorite Planet Beach product and why?

A: I would have to say the Indulge Instant meal! I replaced my old protein shakes with them as the caloric value was pretty comparable, if not better. The Indulge tasted better and had a lower glycemic index so I stopped getting that sugar crash an hour after I drank it.

Q: Why are you the perfect spokesmodel for the Planet Beach Body campaign?

A: My entire life has revolved around health, fitness and a passion to help others so I feel I am a perfect fit for this campaign! I understand and appreciate true beauty and I hope to set an example for women to find the beauty within. I hope to inspire and instill confidence in Planet Beach members across the globe.

Q: What are your goals as a Planet Beach Cover Model?

A: I think it’s imperative to show the world how important it is to take care of your mind and body. I plan to do that by merging my business savvy personality with my love for Planet Beach’s spas and products. This is a booming industry and I daydream about having the opportunity to run a Planet Beach of my own one day!

Q: Describe the Planet Beach company in three words.

A: Who needs 3? HEAVEN. Okay, okay, how about ALL. YOU. NEED.

Q: What has been your highlight so far as a Cover Model?

A: I would say working with our crew behind the scenes in Mexico. It’s nerve wracking sometimes working with new people on a new project, but we had so much fun and they made us feel so comfortable. I felt like we had been working together for years. It’s long days trying to get the perfect shot…but time flies when you’re having fun!

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment? We all have one! (at least!)

A: Well, I love to dance and I do it sometimes to shake off jitters. Well I guess I shook off more than that. I was competing in a pageant when I was younger and about to go on stage for the Evening Gown competition and a pad in my dress came loose and fell out of the bottom. I tried to kick it off the stage before anyone saw but it was too late. Needless to say, I’ve sewn those bad boys in since then!

Q: What is your career aspiration?

A: To “have it all.” I have had a great broadcasting and modeling career and I am married to the man of my dreams, but I hope to one day be a successful entrepreneur and a “super” Mom!

Q: If you could have dinner with one figure in history and ask them any one question, who and what would it be?

A: One person that I’ve always been inspired by is Giuliana Rancic. She is an Italian American Broadcaster like myself but she has been through so much and has had the strength to share it with the world…from her marriage and having breast cancer to infertility and having a baby through a surrogate. I would ask her how she did it, while never losing herself or her career.


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