The “Eileen Show”


Posted June 16, 2019

Identifying your company’s target market is essential for developing effective marketing strategies that will resonate with the target consumer and ultimately drive them into your business.   A target market is a set of consumers sharing similar interests or characteristics that your company hopes to serve.  The target demographic for HOTWORX & Planet Beach Franchising has been identified as an employed 30-year old female, inherently nicknamed, Eileen.

HOTWORX & Planet Beach are both lifestyle brands, encompassing beauty, wellness and fitness and we strive to attract those that are aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle.  Eileen represents the specific target audience that will be attracted to and ultimately commit to a lifestyle brand.  Therefore, every marketing message is centered around the desires of Eileen, which was inspired by Jeff Bezos’ philosophy of always leaving an open seat at the executive round table for the customer, “the most important person in the room.” Eileen is and will always remain at the forefront of every marketing decision made within the company.

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the “Eileen Show” during the upcoming annual HOTWORX & Planet Beach Convention this July in Las Vegas.  The Eileen Show will feature a panel of 3 female HOTWORX members and 1 Planet Beach female member and will be moderated by marketing executives, Kasie Banks and Niki Cofini.  During the interview style panel, we will step into the world of Eileen to learn her passion, interests and goals.  Truly understanding our target market and what makes them tick will allow us to tailor our marketing messages to attract more Eileens and keep them for life!

We welcome the following ladies to this year’s “Eileen Show”…

Britni Hammond

HOTWORX Member- Frisco, TX

Britni lives in Frisco, Texas. She is originally from Iowa, and has lived in Texas for 4 years. She is a construction controller. When she is not working, she is working out, going on a traveling adventure, or hanging out with friends. One of her goals is to run a half marathon in all 50 states, and she just completed state #27.

Kimberly Stone

Planet Beach Member- Stockton, CA

Born second out of four children, Kimberly’s amazing parents provided a humble life and instilled life skills and core-values in her. She grew up in the Central Valley in a small town called Tracy, California. Straight out of high school she pursued a career in food and beverage as well as in hospitality. She attended a local Jr. College in Stockton, California where she met incredible instructors and mentors throughout the culinary arts program.

With dedication, hard work and long hours, she worked her way up in multiple stages. Currently and for the past 2 years, she has become the restaurant manager of one of the finest restaurants in the Central Valley. The education and experience that she has gained from her roles and sacrifices has come with its challenges but she wouldn’t be who she is today without the struggles.

Her dream is to always be passionate about her work and to help those around her flourish. These past 10 years has introduced her to so many amazing people and opportunities that at this point she knows she can be anything that she wants to be – all it takes is passion and commitment!

Katlyn Samifua

HOTWORX Member- Wellington, FL

Katlyn is a graduate from the University of Florida and is an avid reader and sports enthusiast.  Outside of work and HOTWORX, you can find Katlyn biking, hiking, or otherwise adventuring with her husband Monroe and daughter Shekinah. Katlyn is a Healthcare Regional Account Manager for a fortune 500 company and enjoys her competitive and rewarding career. Each day after work Katlyn retreats to her local HOTWORX studio for one or two guided sessions.  Katlyn has always been fitness focused and health minded. As a certified personal trainer and an 8-year vegan/vegetarian, Katlyn is always looking for exciting and challenging ways to push herself to her physical limits. Katlyn has been an avid yoga student since 2008 so she naturally loved the concept of HOTWORX when she chanced upon her local studio. Katlyn enjoys working out in the heat and loves the combination of FAR Infrared and Isometric holds, resulting in longer leaner muscles and a noticeable energy boost!

Julia Tatum

HOTWORX Member- Oxford, MS

Julia comes from a family who’s been a part of the Oxford community for generations. She loves her small town and loves when new businesses pop up especially gyms. She loves to stay active, and try out all different types of workouts and sessions offered. She joined HOTWORX when they first opened in the Oxford area, and fell in love. She likes to sweat, to know she’s putting in the effort.

She runs a small business, grinding grits and corn meal on an old grist mill, so sometimes after doing manual labor all day making herself get to the gym is hard. The thing she loves about HOTWORX is that even if she’s physically unable to put in 100% that day, she still feels like she’s accomplished something after her session because of the infrared heat.

She received her BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design so she applied her education to her new packaging and advertising, social media, and all marketing strategies. She does everything herself from invoicing, filling orders, shipping out, communicating with customers and reaching out to new ones, book keeping, etc.  Sometimes it gets hard, but she can always rely on a good HOTWORX session to relax her body and mind either when she starts her day or ends it.

“Some days I’m looking for something more relaxing, somedays I use it to start my day and get sweating before going on a run. Sometimes I use the HOTWORX sauna as a cool down, other days I use it as an all-out workout by taking a Cycling or Blast session along with a Pilates or ISO session. If I’m feeling extra energized, I’ll tackle the free weights.”

Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity, and Franchisee

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