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The Skinny on Whole Life Challenge

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Posted September 8, 2015

 At Planet Beach, we believe a healthy body starts with a healthy mind.
     So do the folks behind the Whole Life Challenge. Creators Michael Stanwyck and Andy Petranek state that, “At its deepest level, we believe it’s a personal experience and that it is 100 percent dependent on your participation. It’s not something that can be bought; it must be built. We believe that everyone can have the health and well-being they want and deserve.”
     Part of what makes Planet Beach so special is our niche. We are unlike any other tanning salon and unlike any other day spay, which allows challenges and movements (like the Whole Life Challenge!) to be perfect additions to the PB Lifestyle! This particular challenge is 56 days in length and has a challenge starting on September 19th, (yes, that means Halloween will happen in there somewhere…) It has yielded fantastic results, because of the uniqueness of the platform; it focuses on Nutrition, Exercise, Mobility, Supplementation, Hydration, Lifestyle Practices, and Reflection rather than a concentration on weight loss alone. Implementing these Life changes in place of diet pills, crash diets, or binge fitness encourages a permanence of a happier, healthier well being.
     I think my favorite part of the whole experience is the team environment. You can join the program with your friends and make it a friendly competition with various point-centered challenges along the way. Even if you don’t score the highest number of points, everyone wins, because you’ve made a productive change to your wellness-conscious lifestyle. Points can be earned based on following properly guided nutritional choices, exercising (for just 10 minutes!), stretching (for just 10 minutes!), drinking the proper amount of water your body requires, taking vitamins, reflecting on your progress, and completing the weekly lifestyle practices, (like meditating and doing good deeds.)
     Whole Life Challenge also encourages those in all steps of achieving a healthy life style and has different levels of fitness development in place for such. There’s a Performance Level (hard); Lifestyle Level (medium); and a Kick Start Level (easy); each have their own set of restrictions and allowances to seamlessly integrate the challenge into the user’s current lifestyle. When making small, manageable changes each day and with creating a network of support and positive internal and external changes, a person can build a world of health and well-being that extends far beyond what is consumed and the time spent in the gym. The participants can discover new perspective through newly integrated daily practices that promote happy and healthy thoughts and actions.
     In what sort of challenges do you enjoying participating? What do you seek to get out of a personal challenge, and what sort of changes do you seek to make for your own life? Let us know!

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