Mastering the Smoky Eye

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Posted July 21, 2015


Flattering on everyone, the smoky eye is one of the sexiest makeup looks, but also one of the most difficult to accomplish. Here’s a quick guide to mastering the sexy smolder:

  • Shadow primer is an essential. It makes a huge difference in how long your eye makeup lasts. Dab some around your eyelid.
  • Rim your lower lash line with a THIN line of black eyeliner pencil. You can smudge it with a small angled brush or even a moist Q-tip. The whole point of a smoky eye is to avoid clean lines. It’s all about the blur.
  • Use an angled brush to apply gray powder shadow on and directly under the liner. A slate gray with a little shimmer is easier to blend than a matte shadow.
  • Trace over the gray with a bit of black shadow. Don’t use too heavy of a hand here or you’ll end up looking like a raccoon.
  • Using one finger, lift your eyelid and use the pencil to line the uppermost rim of your lashes, making sure to get between each small gap between the individual lashes.
  • Sweep gray powder along your upper eyelid, going slightly past the outer corner. This will make your eyes look larger and vamp up the look.
  • Dab black shadow from the middle of the crease to the outer corner. Clean up any stray powder that may have fallen underneath your eyes with a damp Q-tip or tissue.
  • Use a larger, traditional shadow brush to sweep over the entire area under all edges are blended. Using this same brush, dab a bit of gray crème shadow across the eyelid and crease.
  • Finish with volumizing mascara on both top and bottom lashes.

Voila! You’ve just mastered the smoky eye!


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