UV Therapy: Stand Up vs Lay Down – Key Differences You Should Know


Posted July 19, 2021

Have you recently entered the world of UV Therapy with the desire to obtain the perfect glow? As someone new to this, it is important to learn the difference between your standing and lay down options. At Planet Beach spray & spa locations you will be given the option between different levels of UV as well as laying down or standing up. Both offer different key features that can change the way you tan and get the results you desire. But which one should you pick?

These key differences may help you decide.

Stand Up UV Therapy:

  • If you’re looking to get tanned as quickly as possible, you may want to use a standing tanning booth. Typically, lay down beds are equipped with 100–120-watt bulbs as opposed to 160-watt bulbs in a standing booth. With more power in the bulbs, you can get results quicker, so you’ll have to spend less time in that booth to get the results you need!
  • Everyone wants to achieve even and equal results. No one is happy with streaks and an uneven tan! Lay down tanning beds may not yield even results if you are not in the proper position. Standing up can yield better, even results because you are standing with your arms held high. Your entire body is exposed to the rays this way. So, if you’re looking for more even results, try the stand-up booth.

Lay Down UV Therapy:

  • Vertical tanning booths do not have facial tanning units as opposed to most lay down beds which are equipped with special units that help tan the face better. In most of our laydown units, you can also turn off the facial tanners completely. So, if you don’t want to tan your facial skin, laying down may be the better way to go!
  • Comfort is often the deciding factor for many people who want to get an indoor tan. Obviously, when you are lying down, you are more comfortable! So, if you’re in this for relaxation while you get your glow on, it’s better to use a laydown bed!

From the above key differences, you should be able to pick the best option for your skin. In the end, it all comes down to your comfort level and how quickly you want that tan.

EXPERT TIP: Both lay down and stand-up UV Therapy units work the best when using a professional grade indoor tanning lotion!

Find a Planet Beach location near you by clicking here and set up a consultation with one of our knowledgeable Spa Consultants to get set up with the perfect products, have all of your questions answered, and get the best glow for your skin type!

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