Why Hot Yoga is SO HOT Right Now

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Posted September 15, 2015

     Yoga. You know it, maybe you love it. But if you don’t, maybe it’s time to pull up a chair (or a mat) and let’s look at the facts. Better yet, let’s look at the facts AND let’s draw a parallel to the beloved, breakthrough HOT BOX DETOX, Planet Beach’s latest and greatest spa addition. Both are amazing, calorie shedding platforms that promote the same benefits; this blog post shall highlight the necessity of considering integrating this lifestyle into your own.
     First, let’s talk about the Hot Box Detox because, to be honest, we can’t stop bragging about it! This SOCIAL workout combines the benefits of infrared sauna therapy and isometric body postures in sequence to give you the perfect 30 minute spa detox session. As the infrared heat penetrates your body causing serious sweat, the isometric postures squeeze toxins from your internal organs, and the combination provides a massive calorie burn! Best of all, it fits you and two friends, so the work out is private, effective, and lots of fun!
     Infrared heat loosens the muscles, allowing  extra flexibility for maximizing the most out of every position and challenge of the work out. The benefits of infrared sauna therapy are vast and include pain relief, stronger immune system, blood pressure reduction, wound healing, cellular health, skin purification, improved circulation, cellulite reduction, and collagen repair. The advantages of isometric posturing are also well known, and include increased blood flow, fat burning, bone strengthening, increased metabolism, lowered cholesterol, and weight loss. As an added benefit, these combined features result in Hot Box Detox being a huge source of stress relief!
     Both of these promote a POWER HOUSE calorie burn! Hot Box Detox stays at a cozy 110 degrees, versus the 105 degrees at which most Bikram classes sit, so both have the heat cranked to ensure a good sweat and promoted flexibility. Bikram is a 90 minute class and, on average, participants burn about 445 calories an hour, so about 712 for the session. Participants in the 30 minute Hot Box Detox work out burn over 800 calories! Wow!
     While doing research on facts surrounding the brilliance of Bikram, I found this article to be most helpful in supplying enlightening mental and physical preparation for all you hot fitness neophytes out there. We found that these tips worked out swimmingly for Hot Box Detox, as well, especially the need to consume LOTS AND LOTS OF water.
     What motivates you to work out? What sort of atmosphere works best for your fitness success?

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