Dr. Rhonda Patrick


Posted July 4, 2022

HOTWORX & Planet Beach Franchising Corporation will host their annual Convention in less than one month at the beautiful Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. The company just added published scientist and health educator, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, to the speaker list for this year’s highly anticipated event. Dr. Patrick will be featured in a moderated Q&A with Founder and CEO, Stephen P. Smith, where she will share her knowledge on sauna usage and how it may increase longevity. Please see her bio and headshot below.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. is a published scientist and health educator based in San Diego. She runs a popular website, podcast, and YouTube channel called FoundMyFitness which focuses on promoting strategies for increasing healthspan, well-being, cognitive and physical performance and includes interviews with many scientists at the forefront of the aging field.

Dr. Patrick’s areas of focus include micronutrient deficiencies and their role in aging, the role of genetics and epigenetics in health status, benefits of exposing the body to hormetic stressors, such as through sauna use or heat stress, various forms of cold exposure, exercise, fasting, or plant phytochemicals, and the importance of mindfulness, stress reduction, and sleep.

Her work has been published in the journals Experimental Gerontology, FASEB, Nature Cell Biology, and Trends in Cell Biology.

The Franchise is thrilled to have Dr. Rhonda Patrick take the stage this year at their number one training and networking event of the year!

Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events and Productivity

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