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Posted April 16, 2017

Rachael Todd, Planet Beach Brand Ambassador

Guest Blogger: Rachael Todd

Certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor, Certified in Positive Psychology

Mindfulness is not just the hottest buzzword…

Mindfulness encompasses practices that bring you to the present moment. One of the many benefits of practicing mindfulness is stress reduction.

Stress is almost impossible to avoid in today’s modern world, it is critical to your quality of life that you develop skills to reduce stress. After you have a practical system and method for handling tension, you will want to put them into daily practice to stay away from the health risks associated with anxiety. This can help you lead a life which is considerably more well balanced and enjoyable.

Identify the source and Identify Your Stress Factors

It is smart to know and understand the personal areas of your life that raise your anxiety levels. When you know what these are, you’ll be able to come up with specific strategies for Stress Management as well as restore harmony. Worries related to your career, family and finances can easily raise the levels of stress and, when not addressed effectively, begin to have a very negative impact on your physical health and wellness.

One of the best approaches to Stress Management in your every day life is as simple as making some modifications to the way we give to other individuals. Learning to set wholesome emotional limits in order to ensure other people feel they have got the authority to get rid of their troubles onto you is critically important. There are numerous ways people we come into contact with in our lives may cause us anxiety, be it by constantly discussing negative problems and situations, or simply by always asking us to solve problems for them. Occasionally you can just restrict your contact with individuals who will almost always be emotionally clingy. In other situations this may not be possible, but you can definitely establish restrictions with regards to what you are willing to tune in to or do for them. In these instances you must get the courage to reclaim your space simply by trying to explain to the other person that you’re extremely over-scheduled already, and you don’t have the time to be so involved in their situation.

It’s great to help others when you can AND there are times when you must figure out how to stay detached from the difficulties surrounding you and accept the fact that there may be just so much you’re able to do.

Effective control over stress management and your time can be a powerful approach to lower stress in your everyday routine. If you feel short on time, you’ll usually have higher stress levels, so these factors are usually tightly connected. If you have significant tasks that seem mind-boggling, bust them up into smaller sized elements so you can get things under control again.

  • Establish smaller sized, practical objectives for every single day and create a plan you know is achievable. Often, people feel they’ll be able to manage time better simply by multitasking, but in reality the reverse is usually the case, as this causes us to be less capable in the numerous tasks we’re focusing on. If you have a job that requires your full attention, focus on that and attempt to avoid conversing on the telephone and reading through email messages until the task is done. If you figure out how to handle your time and energy better, your stress will be drastically diminished.
  • Remember that laughter is a natural and satisfying strategy to combat tension and help you use proper stress management. Individuals who hold a great deal of anxiety in many cases are humorless and highly driven “Type A” types, and recalling to giggle regularly is an excellent approach to balanced out this. Resolve to spend more of your time among people that like to laugh. Watch comedies in the media. No matter what type of humor suits you, you’ll find it out there somewhere. You might have a stressful job and/or family, however that does not mean that you can’t discover a minute here and there every day in order laugh.
  • Get regular exercise, follow a healthy diet plan and create a daily yoga practice. These are the most effective ways to release the stress we cannot steer clear of in life.

It is essential to be able to let go of stress, and there are lots of stress management strategies for doing this. What is vital is that you simply look for a stress management system that matches your needs, which might be any of the techniques I have described above.

In order to feel happier and healthier, discover the areas of your life which are causing tension and discover solutions to keep it in check. If you are seeking a stress reducing method that you can utilize each and every day, head into your local Planet Beach location today!

About Rachael:

Rachael Todd joined the Planet Beach family as a Cover Model in 2015 and is our original HOTWORX Virtual Instructor. After being crowned Miss Florida 2009, Ms. Todd has successfully made a career for herself as a full time runway, advertising, and fitness model, as well as a corporate spokesperson for companies like Lexus, Disney, Samsung, Nike, and Loreal. She is also a certified health coach and yoga instructor, and appreciates the opportunity to help others increase their wellbeing, resilience, optimism, and motivation through Positive Psychology.

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