What is the Slim Capsule? Can You Really Burn 500 Calories just Lying Down?

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Posted September 8, 2011

It’s a great way to burn up to 500 calories in a 30-minute session.

Laying down inside a SlimCapsule feels a bit like entering a compact, Space Age-style sauna. Just like a traditional sauna, the device heats up the body’s core temperature so it will burn calories, not only while you are inside the heated “pod” but for several hours afterwards.

Unlike a traditional sauna, a SlimCapsule covers your body only and leaves your head comfortably out, making it possible to stay inside for longer than a traditional sauna allows for.

The SlimCapsule is a new – and immensely popular — service offered by many of the Planet Beach Contempo Spa franchises. It’s appropriate for anyone who wants to lose weight or reduce cellulite. It also can benefit people with injuries or physical limitations that complicate workouts and exercise.

Here’s how it works. The body is tucked inside the capsule and heated with LED bulbs and heating elements. The head sticks outside the unit, while a fan blows cool air on the face. Before getting into the SlimCapsule, you apply lotion and oil to your “trouble areas.” These two products help break down cellulite. You also wear a zip-up suit that helps your body reach top temperatures.

The first SlimCapsule sessions get you to about 150 degrees. The temperature is increased in following sessions until your body core reaches 175 degrees, which is tolerable because your head is outside the station.  Sessions in the capsule last from 20-30 minutes.

Is it too hot? Customers say absolutely not because the cooling fan is very effective. You do work up a sweat and your core temperature rises, but that just means your body is burning calories. Built-in massage, ionizing air and aromatherapy, plus relaxing music, combine for an immensely relaxing experience.

That’s not all. Like a traditional dry-heat sauna, the SlimCapsule helps decrease stress and reduce muscle aches and pains.


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