Exercise: Total Wellness Principle #7

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Posted September 25, 2013

Congratulations! You’ve (nearly) made it to the end of our Total Wellness principles!

Of course, no tips for total wellness could be complete without our 7th tip: Exercise! It also happens to be National Women’s Fitness Day, so this is the perfect principle to end with!

Exercise is one of those little things that we all know we should do more of, but we often find all types of excuses as to why we can’t or why we don’t have the time to fit exercise into our daily schedule.

Exercise shouldn’t just be something we do when we want to lose a few pounds for an event or bikini season. Exercise needs to be a part of our lifestyle.

Yes, I know it’s hard. That’s why it’s called a workout. You have to put in the work!

But the great thing about exercise is that ANYONE can do it. There are so many different types of workouts that would fit into your lifestyle.

You say you don’t have time? Too much to do? No energy? EXCUSES! Remember: This is for you. Don’t you deserve to achieve total wellness in your life? Find your balance and start making your health and well being a priority.

Go for a walk/run. Buy a DVD. Join a gym. Find a bootcamp. Sign up for a zumba/yoga/barre class.

Whatever it is, just get moving!

Within a few weeks you will notice the difference. You will start to feel and look amazing.

Need a few tips on where to get started? Follow our Stay Active board on Pinterest! We’ll keep it fresh to help you stay motivated to move!

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