Something BRAND NEW! Soothe

Something BRAND NEW! Soothe

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Posted August 13, 2018

I’m beyond excited to introduce a new addition to the Planet Beach and HOTWORX Body skincare line, SootheSoothe is a miracle cream that soothes muscle and nerve pain in addition to reducing inflammation.

Who am I and why should you believe me? My name is Paige Stuart, and I am the Planet Beach Brand Manager at the Planet Beach and HOTWORX World Headquarters. I am also a Franchisee of my own Planet Beach Spray and Spa location. I began working for that location in 2005, working my way up the ladder to Spa Director to where I am today. Over the years I’ve become passionate about the Planet Beach mission to change the way the world rejuvenates. Though that does make me a little bias, I’m not someone who believes everything I hear. I’ll believe it when I see it!

I began using Planet Beach skincare in 2007, and like many of you who have tried it, I have never looked back! I’ve used every item that we offer beginning with the acne-control kit (resulting in blemish-free facial skin) to currently the amazing anti-aging line and everything in between for skincare and nutrition. Every single product has blown me away. I could go on and on forever about each one, but today I want to tell you about Soothe, and why I find it a “must have!”

Before beginning my freshman year in High School, I had to undergo a physical exam for cheerleading. I was told that I had Scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine. At my follow up doctor’s appointment, the X-Ray of my back looked nothing like what I thought a spine should look like (a straight line), but instead the shape of an “S,” with a 54-degree curve in my upper spine, and a 10-degree curve in my lower. This severe of a case, could not be left untreated as it would only progress over time, impairing heart and lung function. It would have to be corrected surgically. So, shortly after I turned 14, I underwent a spinal fusion. During a spinal fusion, in their attempt to correct scoliosis curves, doctors use a steel rod to fuse multiple vertebrae together, irreversibly changing the spine’s biomechanics. Once fused, the vertebrae are no longer capable of flexion, extension, or rotation resulting in very stiff muscles. Very commonly spinal fusion patients have nerve damage, implant failure, joint degeneration and other complications which can all cause chronic pain. Over the years, I’ve tried over the counter pain creams and even prescription pain cream for the discomfort. NOTHING has worked as effectively and quickly as Soothe!

So, what is Soothe? Soothe is a capsaicin based anti-inflammatory gel, so it’s also great for exercise soreness, and even arthritis! Developed initially for working with fibromyalgia patients, Soothe is the perfect spot treatment for anything that leads to sore muscles or joints. Most creams used for aches and pains, just make the area warm, and can pull circulation and cause inflammation. They typically need to be applied over and over to the area throughout the day as the product just sits on the top layer of the skin, but not this one! Using Soothe just once a day is enough to control inflammation as the area will continue to heat up and cool down all day long! The transdermal cream does not just stay on the outside of your skin; therefore, it only requires the one application a day to do the trick! Oh, and don’t get me started on the smell! It’s the best of both worlds as the invigorating scent is strong enough to immediately detect upon opening the bottle, but after application, Soothe is absorbed by the skin so quickly that the aroma goes away. Which means no clashing with your perfume or cologne!

Planet Beach works with The M’lis Company to provide our spas with the amazing holistic skincare and nutrition line our members have grown to love! Together we want to change lives starting with yours by giving you the tools to implement Beauty Nutrition into everything that you do! For the last 40 years, M’lis has been providing for the spa industry as a proven leader in Detoxification, Lifestyle Programs, Body Contour, and Holistic Skin Care. Soothe is used by several Chiropractors as well as massage therapist around the world because of its plethora of benefits.

So, in a nutshell, this “Dream Cream” calms muscles and nerve pain through natural ingredients that increase circulation and reduce the inflammatory response of the tissue, warms up the area by increasing circulation, and then cools using a natural antiseptic effect. It peps up your senses and invigorates your aching body with fast acting, long lasting pain relief benefits! It is truly unparalleled from any other product on the market.

Ingredients: Menthol 3%, Camphor 3%, Capsaicin .03%. Aloe Vera Green Tea Extract Silica Carbomer Orange Peel Extract Food Grade Preservatives Decyl Polyglucose Queen of the Prairie Extract Vegetable Glycerin Deionized Water Rose Water Witch Hazel Grapefruit Extract Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate Yucca Extract.

Written By: Paige Stuart, Planet Beach Brand Manager

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