How Does Spray Tanning Work?


Posted June 7, 2020

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Everyone is eager to keep that summer glow no matter the time of year. Fortunately, you can achieve the right look with spray tans.

How does spray tanning work? We have your answer. It depends on whether you jump in an automated booth or prefer to be sprayed by a technician with a hand-held unit.

Spray tanning or self-tanning products have Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), an ingredient that interacts with your skin to give you the perfect tan that you desire. Mystic Tan spray tanning and self-tanning products work best because they combine DHA and Erythrulose. This combination allows the tan to last longer.

For a tan that looks flawless, keep these tips in mind before and after each spray tan:

Spray Tanning Prep
If you want a streak-free and even tan, take necessary steps to get that perfect look:

•  If you’re going to shave, do so at least 12 hours before you tan
•  If you wax, do that before you tan as well
•  Exfoliate and rub-off excess, dead skin cells for an even tan
•  Avoid lotion right before you tan because lotions can act as barriers and cause an uneven result.
•  Remove makeup
•  Shave, wax and exfoliate well before spray tanning.

Spray Tanning Post Care
Once you’re done, you need to give the tan time to develop for spray tanning to work well. Rule #1 – avoid getting wet for 4-6 hours, whether working out or showering. Don’t even think about jumping into a pool or going out in a monsoon. Timing is the key to ensure that the tan isn’t streaky or uneven as it develops.

Once you’ve given your tan enough time to set in, rinse in warm water. Do not scrub or use super-hot water. After your shower, don’t forget to moisturize. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated to make your tan last longer and fade evenly.

Learn how spray tanning works and how to get the best sunless tan.

Your spray tan should last about 5-7 days if it’s taken care of properly. As you can see, it’s simple and fast, whether you’re spray tanning in a booth or prefer the airbrushing route with a handheld technician. It’s hard to mess up, takes no time and leaves you feeling your absolute best.

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