The Struggle is Real: It’s Not Easy Looking This Good!

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Posted March 6, 2015

For those that know me, know that I’m joking with that opening statement, but like I always say, “If you can’t love yourself, how’s anyone else ever going to love you? lol”

We all know that smooth and flawless skin will always be on trend, but unfortunately it tends to be difficult to maintain. Well, at least that is what I thought until I was introduced to pbRenew 3-Step lines from Planet Beach.

The Perfect 3-Step Kits To Fit Any Of Your Needs!

The Perfect 3-Step Kits To Fit Any Of Your Needs!

The pbRenew product line has something for everyone, whether you are suffering with troublesome acne or you simply want to maintain awesome skin (some of you are just that lucky!). If you suffer with acne, like I have – off and on throughout the years – and struggled with confidence as a result, pbRenew Clear is the product line for you. PbRenew Clear is the perfect solution for redness control and blemishes. In the past, I’ve had quite an extensive, time-consuming skincare regime that included a mix of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Now, all I use is the pbRenew Clear line with a few sessions of Red Light Therapy each week and my skin looks and feels better than ever! The main ingredient, Aloe Barbadensis, is a botanical extract that acts as an anti-bacterial. Not only does it tame any acne you may have, but it also smoothes and heals rough skin. I keep this product on hand at all times, just in case I’m having a stressful day at the office and get an unexpected breakout! Breakouts happen and as unfair as it is, now there is a way that we can fight back!

Acne not your main problem? PbRenew Maintain may be what you are looking for. After I started the pbRenew Clear, I talked one of my girlfriends into trying this line of products and she swears by them now! This product focuses on keeping your skin smooth and tone. Unfortunately, wrinkles happen and they are basically inevitable.  Damn you time and aging! But, that does not mean trying to prevent wrinkles is out of the question. PbRenew Maintain reduces fine lines and small imperfections, all while leaving skin soft and flawless.

Are you looking for something stronger that will focus solely on wrinkles and reversing the signs of aging? I would suggest pbRenew Transform.  Trust me, I’m only a year or two away from making the switch myself J! pbRenew Transform is full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help transform your skin to what it was like when you weren’t worried about the passing of time. I recommended this product to my sister, who is much older than me (okay only by a few years) and she was happily shocked by the difference of what her skin looked like just by using the product for a week.

Rachel's Favorites!

Rachel's Favorites!

After experiencing results first hand and having multiple friends and relatives now using the product lines, I think it is safe to say the pbRenew products are absolutely amazing. But, it does not stop at a fantastic skin care line. Planet Beach’s Red Light Therapy maximizes and maintains the results. Over time, the use of red light therapy reduces the size of your pores and evens out skin tone. Religiously using the pbRenew line AND using Red Light Therapy keeps my skin healthy, vibrant and glowing.


What are your skincare concerns and goals? Have you ever tried Red Light Therapy or any of our pbRenew lines? Scroll to the bottom and tell us about your results and get 50% OFF your next pbRenew product order if we publish your testimonial!

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