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Posted February 23, 2015

Have you checked out the Planet Beach online shop yet? What are you waiting for?

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re so stressed out, that the only thing that could possibly lift your spirits is a little retail therapy? Shopping always makes me feel better, but when I’m already stressed, the last thing I want to do is go out in public and deal with traffic, lines, crowds, and all the other factors that contribute to the in-store shopping experience. Lucky for us, we live in the age of modern technology and we don’t even have to set foot in a store to fulfill our retail therapy cravings! Thank God for the inventors of ONLINE SHOPPING!!!

Shop Online Now at!

Shop Online Now at!

Top 10 Reasons to Shop Online:

  1. The Reviews: If I’m buying it, it better have a good review! That’s the beauty of shopping online. I can scroll through pages and pages of products and get candid feedback from others who’ve purchased the same items!
  1. The Discounts: There’s ALWAYS some sort discount that you can take advantage of when you’re shopping online, whether it’s free shipping, 50% off with a coupon code, BOGO… The possibilities are endless! Deals like these in an actual store are few and far between.
  1. It’s Not Illegal To Drink And Shop Online: You won’t get arrested for public intoxication if you’re shopping online from home. Pour another glass of wine! Add another item to that cart! Add one for your friend too. You might not remember ordering these items, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised when they arrive at your doorstep! It’s like a big surprise!
  1. The Best Sellers And Best Prices: You don’t have to hike from one end of the mall to the next to compare different items and prices! You can travel the world of online shopping right from your couch!
  1. Ability To Multi-Tasking: Scroll, scroll, stir the pot roast, add to cart, start the dishwasher, add to cart, add to cart, iron the skirt, feed the kids, checkout! Wooohoooo! I am wonder woman.
  1. Shopping At Work: You know you’ve been there. You’re sitting in a meeting with 10 of your co-workers and your boss asks you a question. You have no idea what he asked because you were too busy looking for that last item to add to your shopping cart to take advantage of the free shipping offer! Think of a good response to whatever he just asked! “I’m sorry, sir. I’m having a hard time hearing you with this ear infection. Could you repeat that?” That will buy you enough time to add that last item to your cart and check out, while halfway listening to the question at hand!  If you use express checkout, you might even have enough time to come up with a logical response to his question. Now that’s a productive workday!
  1. No Lines!: Don’t we all dread the lines at busy shopping malls? You are always first in line when you’re shopping online! No lines, no crowds, just awesome products!
  1. Shop While Ratchet: No need to find clean clothes, iron them, apply makeup, wash your hair, etc. You can lounge around looking as ratchet as ever while you’re shopping online. You won’t get funny stares or judgment from your fellow shoppers. There’s no dress code in the online shopping world!
  1. The Online Stores Are ALWAYS Open: I remember the days before online shopping. If you really wanted something, you’d have to wake up bright and early and head out to the store to beat the crowds. If you wanted something bad enough, you might even get there long before the store even opened to make sure you had first dibs on whatever it was you wanted. Even with all that effort, there was still no guarantee that the store even had your items in stock. You don’t have to deal with all that when you’re shopping online! You can browse any online store in the middle of the night from the privacy of your own home.
  1. No Fitting Room Disasters: I have been the victim of some terrible fitting room disasters. It’s not pleasant for anyone when you’re standing in nothing more than a thong in your fitting room and you’re so busy rummaging through your selection, that you didn’t notice the fitting room door somehow swung wide open. It’s even more awkward when you look up and see a line of people just standing there staring at your bare behind. Just another reason to just shop in the privacy of your own home!
Shop On Your Time At!

Shop On Your Time At!

With all these amazing reasons that people shop online, no wonder Planet Beach now offers customers the advantage of shopping for their favorite Planet Beach products online. Have you checked out the new online shop? Click here and have fun while perusing and purchasing your favorite beauty, skincare, wellness or stress relief product now! 24/7, we are here for you!


What other online shops do you frequent? Tell us all about it below and you may win a free 50% coupon on your next online purchase with

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