How To Keep Your Skin Healthy During Fall And Winter!

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Posted November 25, 2013

We all know that changes in the season can affect our skin, but what we do not always know is how to modify our skin care products and regimes to counter act these changes. There are ways to work around the fluctuations in the weather and to ensure our skin is healthy and radiant no matter what the time of year. With each shift in the season we have to reassess our skin and then reevaluate our skin care regimen. Also, using pH balanced products that protect the acid mantel, a natural protective barrier, is vital no matter the season.

In the fall rain, wind, and colder weather can put strain on our skin. The winter weather reeks even more havoc on our skin as the dry air is what generally causes the most problems. Cold and dry air leaves our skin feeling flaky, dry, irritated, dehydrated and damaged. Using products to protect and heal the skin from such damage is vital.

Planet Beach Restore, which can be used on the face or the body, is absolutely amazing for damaged skin conditions. It contains ingredients that naturally stimulate healthy renewal, and assists with retaining moisture and nutrients.

Using rich moisturizers such as Nourish for the face or Infuse for the body more frequently and at night as skin absorbs added moisture much faster in the winter, essential oils from seeds and nuts such as our facial Repair oil and body Contour oil and facial products containing hyaluronic acid such as Replenish can counter act this. Also avoid hot baths and showers, as extremely hot water will dehydrate your skin.

Don’t forget to protect your lips with a moisture rich lip balm as well, such as Planet Beach’s Mint lip balm. Aside of the products that you can use to counteract the fall/winter changes to your skin, you may also love our full body Hydration services.

Everything you do can affect your skin, doing regular facials using Planet Beach skin care or going into Planet Beach for a Red Light facial can prepare your skin for season changes and provide a foundation for healthy radiant skin.

For more information on the products listed above, check out or visit a spa near you!

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