La Taravella: Linen and Body Mist


Posted March 16, 2020

At Planet Beach spray & spa, we recently launched a new, holistic, professional-grade product line called La Taravella which includes 4 amazing all-natural products. In past blogs, we dove into the Orange Blossom Facial Toner, the Skin Therapy Oil, and the Sugar Scrub. Today we will dive into the last product in this line, the Linen and Body Mist!

Let’s begin with talking a little bit about smell. Why is smell so important to us? Well, the olfactory (smell) system is very unique in regard to how it sends information to the brain from the nose. It is directly linked and intertwined with the limbic system, unlike the other sensory systems. The limbic system is responsible for processing emotions and memory; therefore, smell can trigger emotions and memory as well as impact mood and behavior. Smell is often considered the most significant trigger of memory, compared to the other senses. So, it makes sense that when we smell something amazing, we just want to inhale and breathe it in! Now you can!

Planet Beach’s delicate and refreshing Linen and Body Mist awakens the senses and cools the body while leaving a long-lasting fragrant aroma, and one of the best parts about our new mist is that it’s safe on fine linens! This luxurious mist can be used directly on the skin, carpets, bedding, clothing, upholstery, rugs, and more! It works well in the home or in the car. It comes in multiple sizes which makes it super convenient for travel on your clothing or to throw in your purse or gym bag for use after your next HOTWORX session! No matter where you find musty or smelly fabric, La Taravella mist can eliminate the odors quickly without leaving a heavy residue of its scent.

Our Linen and Body Mist comes in the following signature scents:

Lucky: Grapefruit, Clementine, Strawberries, Black Currant, Rose Petals & Sweet White Musk

Lotus: Exotic Deep Red Currant Berries, Sweet Plum, & Seductive Florals

Kimono Flower: Mandarin, Bergamot, Soft Jasmine, Raspberry, Ylang Ylang, Sweet Gardena, Pink Orchid, & White Moss

Meditation: Lavender & Sandalwood

Bliss: Delicate Florals, Citrus Basil, White Amber, & Sweet Leafy Greens

N’awlins: Crème Brulee

Creole: Coconut, Lime, Verbena, and Forbidden Fruit.

CLICK HERE to find the closest Planet Beach spray & spa near you and pick up your La Taravella Linen and Body Mist today!

Written By: Paige Stuart, Planet Beach Brand Manager and Franchisee

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