The Magic of MAP

The Magic of MAP


Posted April 2, 2017

We are in business to win right! As a franchisee, it is vital that you establish clear goals and recognize your employees that have demonstrated exemplary performance. Foster an environment where the entire team is working together to achieve a common goal. Planet Beach uses a rankings dashboard that keeps real time revenue data for each franchise location on a private intranet. Franchise operators access the dashboard to view their revenue performance in comparison with all of the other franchise locations in the chain. This real time reporting dashboard provides performance clarity and brings a level of friendly competitiveness and motivation.

The most important production day of each month falls on Member Appreciation Day, which is ceremoniously held on the last Thursday of each month. Each MAP (Member Appreciation Party) is festive and always has a theme that coincides with a holiday or season. It’s not uncommon to visit a Planet Beach in September and see the staff wearing their favorite sports jersey on MAP Day when Football Season is in full swing. In comparison, you may find them wearing bunny ears and having their members cracking plastic eggs to unveil their special discount during the month of April. Each franchise location reserves that day to roll out the red carpet and show their members how much they truly appreciate them. It’s the one day of the month where members flood into the spa to enjoy one of the many relaxing spa services, mingle with fellow members or simply indulge in the complimentary food and beverages provided. In addition to serving existing members, MAP is the opportune time for new guests to take advantage of specials and discounts only offered that day exclusively.

Planet Beach has always believed in friendly competition! As MAP Day comes to a close, all spa operators hone in on the rankings dashboard to see which location will lead the pack when it comes to production. Although the competition was steep during the month of March, the Planet Beach Franchise in Marrero ultimately took the lead with the highest revenue on Membership Appreciation Day. Nancy Price, Franchisee of the Planet Beach in Marrero, said that she attributes her success to having a clear goal and giving her staff the freedom to the get the job done. “ it’s important that the manager not only understands the goal, but that she shares the goal with her team and they measure where they are percent to goal each day.   The manager must give direction and everyone must perform their specific role to ensure goal accomplishment. Most importantly, I believe in giving the manager the autonomy to simply get the job done. My manager Briana Langhauser has done an exceptional job fulfilling this role.” The Manager of the Franchise, Briana, stated that providing exceptional customer service and building relationships with the members makes them want to refer their family and friends. They are able to successfully build the excitement of MAP Day within the four walls of their business by creating the buzz throughout the month.

MAP Day within the Planet Beach community is competitive, productive and fun. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity to show the members how much their patronage is valued. MAP Day is simply a magical mix of festivity and member appreciation.

Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity

Jodie Mateu

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