Introduce HOTWORX to Your Friends!

Introduce HOTWORX to Your Friends!

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Posted September 16, 2018

Looking and feeling great is important to most women. We spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on makeup, skincare, and gym memberships in order to look our best. If you’re anything like me, mustering up the motivation to exercise can be a daunting task. It’s easy to sleep through your alarm or go home after a long day of work and just lay in bed and watch Netflix. However, I try to remind myself that I will reap many benefits from exercising, such as increased productivity, improved mood, maintaining strong muscles, better quality of sleep, and heightened mental focus.

Since I’ve graduated from college, many of my old classmates and friends ask what I do for work. As I describe that I work in the beauty and wellness and boutique fitness industry for Planet Beach and HOTWORX, I receive looks of intrigue. Most people are familiar with Planet Beach, but HOTWORX seems to be foreign to them. I explain that HOTWORX was born out of Planet Beach as an added service, which utilizes saunas and isometric workouts combined with infrared energy to maximize calorie burn and detoxification in less time than working out at a traditional gym. HOTWORX is one of the most innovative and challenging workouts I have ever done, as I can feel the toxins perspiring out of my body and the calories torching away in 30 minutes or less. Evidently, HOTWORX is my favorite service at Planet Beach! For that reason, I have invited a few friends to try it for themselves. Doing HOTWORX with your friends increases your motivation, holds you accountable, and brings everyone together.


Doing HOTWORX with friends increases my workout performance, as I am more inclined to hold my poses longer and increase my reps. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition! We are ultimately challenging ourselves to become better both physically and mentally, while simultaneously encouraging each other to maximize our workout by holding that wall sit for just ten seconds longer. Introduce your friends to HOTWORX to increase your motivation to workout more often.


It’s easy to talk yourself out of a workout when planning on doing it by yourself, especially if it’s been a long day at work. Making plans to do HOTWORX with friends holds you accountable, as you’re less likely to cancel on a friend. Make a commitment to yourself and your friends to put exercising with HOTWORX on your weekly calendar!

Bring Your Friends Together

Making a date to do HOTWORX with your friends gives you something to look forward to. Perhaps you have not seen your friends in a while due to busy schedules. Now is your chance to catch up with a friend while working out! Personally, I like to meet up with friends, do HOTWORX, and then enjoy a nutritious smoothie or a healthy dish from one of our favorite cafes.

HOTWORX Preparation

Prior to doing HOTWORX, I set aside a HOTWORX mat and towel for them to use during the workout and advise drinking copious amounts of water in order to flush out the toxins and increase the effectiveness of the workout. Typically, I like to start with Hot Yoga, Hot Iso, or Hot Pilates, depending on their fitness level and what they would like to achieve with the workout. Additionally, I urge my friends to bring extra clothes and a face towel, as they will be drenched in sweat once they are through with the workout! Most importantly, your friends should be informed of the benefits that HOTWORX has to offer:

  • Burn massive amounts of calories
  • One hour after-burn
  • Reduce stress
  • Flush unwanted toxins
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Improved sleep

After Your HOTWORX Workout

Upon completing our workout session, I save a few lemon towelettes for us to wipe our sweaty faces with. Doing this ensures your friends will get the authentic HOTWORX workout experience! The lemon infused towelettes are so refreshing, especially after working out in a heated sauna. After completing the workout, here are some comments that my friends have about HOTWORX:

“HOTWORX is truly my new favorite workout! I love how quickly the infrared heat gets my body warmed up for the workout. There’s a wide variety of workouts to choose from, so every time I go it’s always something new.”  -Savannah

“I love to break a sweat every day, which is why I love HOTWORX! I know I’m getting a great workout when I do it.”  -Meghan

Introducing your friends to HOTWORX will increase your motivation, hold you accountable, and bring your friends together. It’s the perfect combination of making it a social event while improving your health. Swap out happy hour for sweaty hour with your friends and bring them to try HOTWORX at a Planet Beach near you. It will easily become their new favorite workout!

Written By: Melina Hamezopoulos, Executive Accountant & Finance Support

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