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Oops! How many of those little Snickers did I just eat?


Posted November 2, 2015


I admit it. I ate a few pieces of candy over this Halloween weekend. It’s not completely my fault. First, let’s there’s Costco and those giant bags of candy for $15, that are just too good a bargain to pass by. Second, we didn’t get enough little goblins at our door to go through even a quarter of the bag. And three, those mini Snickers are addictive. Just one turned into just six.

Fortunately, I’m a member at Planet Beach, which gives me full access to their weight-loss products and equipment. Every time I walk into my local branch, I feel instantly healthier and further motivated to continue this process of building a better me – the best me.

I know that a few mistakes along the way are going to happen, like the aforementioned candy, but Planet Beach and their supportive staff get me right back headed in the right direction.

What helps you get and stay motivated?

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