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Posted November 3, 2011

‘Hand facial’ has broad appeal, helps with aging skin and seasonal changes

Umo Hand Treatment

Umo Hand Treatment

They say you can tell the age of a woman by the look of her hands.

That’s because thin skin on the hands can reveal much more than the skin on her face and neck. Numerous treatments, including those at Contempo Spas, revive and renew delicate facial skin. When Planet Beach talks about all-over relaxation and rejuvenation, we don’t leave out the hands. UMO Hand Therapy specifically targets the delicate skin of the hands and can help attract new clients interested in maintaining soft skin as the seasons change.

“As we age, our hands tend to lose their firmness and volume and the veins and tendons become more pronounced,” said dermatologist Dee Anna Glaser, MD, FAAD, at the American Academy of Dermatology’s Summer Academy Meeting in New York last month. “In addition, changes in texture where the skin appears crinkled or is marked with spots, commonly called ‘liver spots’ or ‘age spots,’ are the hallmarks of an aging hand.”

Designed to moisturize deep beneath the skin’s surface, UMO Hand uses Gamma PGA, which has a hydrating effect 10 times stronger than hyaluronic acid. Creating a cool mist to hydrate and lock in moisture, the system encourages cell renewal and clears, repairs and revitalizes skin in just one session.

Members love the service. Just ask Janie, P., who uses UMO Hand at the Irvine Center Drive Planet Beach in Irvine, Calif. “My hands truly benefit by my using UMO Hand Spa,” Janie says. “My skin was dry and cracking and lotion alone wasn’t doing the job. Now my hands are smooth, moisturized and more youthful.”

Men benefit from the UMO Hand service as well. After a summer of sun and outdoor projects, the fall is a great time to try the treatment and get happy hands.

“The hands are often overlooked because we put so much emphasis on our face,” Dr. Glaser said at the gathering of dermatologists. “But our hands can be even more susceptible to the effects of aging.”

We are always looking for products and services that provide ways for women and men to look better and feel more relaxed? Interested in learning more, contact any of our 300 Planet Beach Contempo Spas. When we talk about head-to-toe service, we don’t kid around.

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