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Is Your Date Shave Your Legs Worthy?


Posted October 3, 2015


After a long week of work, what is better than a romantic date with your sweetheart? I don’t know about you, but I always take more time prepping for a date with my honey than I would say, watching a girl movie with my bestie, or taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. But maybe that’s just me?

When I was in college my girlfriend and I used to joke about whether our current date was ‘shave your legs worthy’. It was a sure sign of how much we liked him if a new blade was ripped out of the carton to ensure smooth legs, just in case he wanted to reach under the table to caress our bare leg at dinner.

Today I was looking for tips that would make me look good and feel good for my date tonight and ran across a great article over at They suggest 12 ‘must-dos’ before embarking on a special night, one of which was to shave your legs. Well, yeah, – IF he’s ‘shave your legs worthy’ – that ones’ a no brainer.

We love all the ideas, but it got me thinking about an even better prep for a romantic evening. Come visit one of our spray and spa locations. You can sweat out all your toxins in our Hot Box Detox, get a massage and facial, get a spray or have your teeth whitened. All in one location! You’ll feel so good no man will be safe from your charms. When we feel good, we look good.

We do want to know what you do before a date. Is your current man ‘shave your legs worthy’? Do tell. Your secrets are safe with us. #ShaveYourLegsWorthy

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