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Innovation on the Rise at Planet Beach….


Posted March 8, 2013


Planet Beach is always looking for innovative ways to build our customer base and benefit our franchisees. At this year’s convention, several new products and services were launched that we feel will have a tremendous impact on membership and retail sales in our spas.   Let’s take a look at some of the newest and most exciting additions to Planet Beach!

Jade Fuzion Massage Unit:

Discover the power of Jade for intense relaxation, balance and wellness. 96 beautiful Jade stones emit far infrared and release negative ions.


  •  Relax and diminish stress
  •  Relieve tight muscles
  •  Recharge for better energy
  •  Cleanse pores for enhanced product efficacy
  •  15-60 minute sessions
  • Maintain desired heat levels throughout duration of your session for maximum comfort.

pbGlow Beauty & Sunless Color Booth:

The sky is the limit on treatment options. pbGlow is stocked with PH Balancing Prep, Clear DHA, Bronze DHA and Moisturizer. Mix and match as you like!  Prep, tan and enjoy flawless natural color in just 4 minutes. pbGlow’s heated environment leaves you feeling comfortable and dry while the open air design allows you to breathe easy without clouds of overspray. Game changing technology insures precise amounts of solution with every spray. Expect beautiful results and get what you pay for every time.

Red Fuzion:

  • The world’s first accelerated rejuvenation system with octi-fusion technology
  • Activate skin glow and full hydration to prepare and extend other services
  • Accelerate skin rejuvenation by reducing appearance of find lines
  • Achieve results with combination of radiant heat, steam, oxygen and super red lights for smoother, firmer looking skin
  • Cleanses pores for enhanced product efficacy
  • Top off session with aromatic scent for added benefits
  • 20-40 minute sessions

Eye masks/spa socks:

Taking Relaxation to the next level, Planet Beach has released 4 eye masks under their private label.  The Eye Pillow, Breathe Easy Mask, Midnight Mask and Migraine mask are sure to take you to dream land.

pbGlow Proform Spray: 

This oil-free, lightweight gel-lotion glides over skin for a silky-smooth finish that increases DHA potency, which gradually develops a rich bronze color. The breakthrough fragrance technology eliminates odors at the source, replacing them with a fresh, sunny fragrance. Vitamins C and E protect and nourish skin for longer-lasting results.

PB Clean Energy:

Taking care of your skin and body begins from within. PB Clean Energy is the complete formula for skincare, health and performance that offers clean energyfor the body and all its systems. PB clean energy aids fat loss, proper muscle function, internal processing, skin cell regeneration and promotes energy production and mood regulation. The Clean Energy formula consists of natural ingredients that effectively transport nutrients where the body needs them. Added to a well-rounded diet and comprehensive wellness schedule, PB Clean    Energy is the one supplement for total skincare and wellness.


For more information on these innovative products and services visit us at or on our Facebook page!

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