Goodbye Tax Stress, Hello HydroMassage


Posted April 12, 2013

April 15th is right around the corner and lets face it, Tax Day can cause a lot  of stress for people.  Getting your finances in line can put your body under a lot of stress and cause a lot of tension. (all of those boxes!).

No need to fear, it is time to lay down, literally, and relax!  It is all going to be over on Monday!  Once again, Planet Beach is pairing up with HydroMassage for Tax Week!

Tax Week starts on Monday, April 15 and will go through April 19.  Planet Beach will be offering FREE* HydroMassages all week long so kick back, relax and put those numbers to rest!

Checkout some other tips for reducing stress during Tax Season!

Deep breathing. When we are experiencing stress we often take many shallow breaths, causing further physical stress to the body. Breathing deeply and slowly promotes relaxation of the body and mind.

Organization. Keep all of your financial documents in one place, so that when you do your taxes you will not have to sort through other files or a stack of mail.

Don’t let long hours be your excuse to eat poorly – sugary snacks can leave you feeling drained of energy. A balanced diet with healthy snacks  will help keep you energized. (poor diet can contribute to stress!)

Take frequent, timed breaks. Set your smart phone alarm to help you keep conversations to a minimum so you can stay on track (for fun, check out the Planet Beach mobile app).

Laugh…read a favorite comic, keep a joke book handy, or (if permitted) watch a short clip from a favorite comedy. Laughter helps put things in perspective.

Stand up and stretch!

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