Detox: Total Wellness Principle #6

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Posted September 20, 2013

What is detoxing, exactly? And why is it important for total wellness?

The truth is, we are hard on ourselves. Our physical selves, inside and out, as well as our emotional selves, can sometimes get tired or drained. We may eat right and exercise, but we can still have that sluggish, defeated feeling. The reality is, sometimes our bodies just need to reboot, and that’s where the detox comes in.

If you want to free yourself of toxins and rejuvenate your body, then you need a DETOX session!

Truth be told, there are thousands of different types of detoxes out there. I’m serious. Just google it. There are liquid diets and fruit diets and vegetable diets. All of these claim to detoxify your body and get you feeling fresh and vibrant in a matter of days! I have tried a few of these, and really, it comes down to you and what you select as your best fit.

Personally, when doing a detox, I focus on a diet high in natural fibers such as fresh fruits and vegetables– more vegetables than fruits. I make sure to drink water and only water for the duration of my detox in order to flush out my system. This helps with cleansing of the inner organs such as the liver.

Hot water with fresh lemon juice is said to naturally flush out toxins in your body, so I suggest starting and ending each day with a cup of it. Just replace your normal first cup of coffee and your evening tea for a few days and you should be good to go. You may even find this to be a beneficial addition to your daily routine even when you are not in detoxify mode.

Additionally, Planet Beach offers multiple services that detoxify your body. For instance, the SlimCapsule and the Saunatox help you to sweat out toxins through your pores. Think of it like a steam facial for your body. Opening up and freeing your pores. You can even shave off a few pounds.

Detox is an easy way to boost your system. Just remember, two or three days is a good start, or five if you’re dedicated; just don’t go overboard. Two weeks on a strict liquid-only detox diet could damage your body more than rejuvenate it.

Not to mention, you’d be pretty grumpy and miserable during that time! And no one wants that.

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