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Posted August 24, 2015


Summer sun have your skin feeling blah? Have your morning moisturizer regimen down to a perfect science, but wishing the sensational glow would last all day?

Meet Mist, Planet Beach’s invigoratingly refreshing facial spray! Composed of witch hazel extract, aloe vera, and white oak bark extract, this “oh my gosh it fits in my purse!” necessity allows your face to feel fresh in seconds without compromising the integrity of your meticulously applied make up. Mist can also double as an extra layer of security by locking in freshly applied foundation and facial powders.

Like the sensation of a breezy peppermint, Mist can be easily integrated into a twice daily routine to calm down and provide closure to pores after a vigorous cleansing. It is also an essential in convalescing after a long day in the sun as a redness reducer and instant moisturizer. Application to the nape of the neck or roots can provide scalp and tresses with a tingling sensation for soothing stress relief and invigoration.

Easy, breezy, refreshing. At a perfect size two, (ounces,) Mist is a must have in a beach bag, carry on, or daily carried handbag. We’ve got tons in stock in our online shop, making beautifully refreshed skin just a click away!

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