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Posted May 10, 2021

Franchising is such a rewarding and exciting journey in business!  As a Franchisee, you are granted the right to use an established trade name and proven concept to bring a uniformed business model to market.  Planet Beach spray & spa has the systems & processes established so that you can hit the ground running from day one. Join the mission to change the way the world rejuvenates and follow these golden rules of Franchising:

1. Follow the System
A successful franchisee does one thing right every time. They follow the proven system! Most franchisors have started with one successful business model and expanded from there.  They experienced the trials and tribulations of a first-time business owner, adjusted accordingly and mastered their operating system.  Once the demand was created and they saw the twinkle in the eyes of their consumers, they knew it was time to share the concept with the world and start duplicating the proven business model.  Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has already tested and proven their success?  Stay consistent with the brand and follow the system.

2. Engage in the World of Online Social Media
Social media is the sure-fire way to promote your business and keep new and prospective customers chatting about your products and services.  The new way of promoting your business is only one click away.   First and foremost, understand your target customer and write relevant and engaging content that speaks to them and captures their attention.  Some of the most popular social networking sites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  Learn them and master your online social media marketing skills.

3. Know your bottom line!
Many franchisees hire an accountant or CPA to update their P&L and Balance Sheet monthly.  This is recommended for some, but to truly keep your finger on the pulse of your daily expenditures, I recommend Intuit’s QuickBooks.  The accounting software performs accounting functions, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial reporting.   It helps you monitor your bottom line so that you can make the necessary adjustments to be successful in business.

4. Continue learning
Successful business owners and franchisees never stop learning.  They understand to be successful, they must have first-hand knowledge of their featured products and services.  To engage with clients, you want to be well versed in your area of expertise.  Smart business owners stay on top of competitive trends and they never stop their continuing education. Planet Beach offers an online university with key courses and lessons that are accessible online to all franchise owners and operators.

5. Network with other Franchisees
There are so many benefits accompanied with networking with other franchisees in the system, near and far.  It’s refreshing to see seasoned Franchisees pair up with newbies to share their best practices and success stories.  Networking with other Franchisees creates camaraderie and builds relationships.

Planet Beach knows what it takes to achieve success.  As the beauty and health industry continues to rapidly expand, more people are turning to Planet Beach spray & spa to look and feel their best. With over 25 years of franchise experience, we continue to lead the way by offering convenient and affordable access to a variety of fully automated spa services. If you see yourself joining the mission to change the way the world rejuvenates, your journey is only one click away.  Please visit our website at

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