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Purr Like a Kitten


Posted April 18, 2016

Last week at the Planet Beach Corporate office our beloved HR girl, Shawna Bacon, showed up late…very out of character for her. Her reason gives new meaning to the question “does your motor purr like a kitten”?

Shawna, running on time of course, walked out the front door of her home and began toward her car. Luckily, a waste management worker, making his morning haul, alerted Shawna to a kitten behind her rear tire.  She tried to catch the fur ball, only to make it run into the wheel well. To her surprise, she saw another kitten in her other wheel well. Her car had been encompassed by kittens!  She eventually managed to get one safely captured with the help of her doting fiance.  Thinking they had seen the second kitten run off, they figured it was safe for her to head to work.

Well, Shawna arrived at corporate, she only lives 5 minutes from the office, swearing she heard meowing coming from under her hood. I went to the parking lot with her to check under her hood, and there was no sign of a kitten. She periodically checked throughout the day, still no kitten.

Nine hours later Shawna arrived home, still hearing the meowing.  The doting fiance took a flashlight and inspected under the hood one last time. Guess what they found…the kitten, UNHARMED,  under the hood of her car. It was a furry miracle!


Both adorable kittens have been adopted!

If you are looking to adopt a pet or make a donation to help with the care of stray animals, please find it in your heart to click and donate to the spca.  Thank you!

Written by: Alison Pitre, Marketing Director

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