Give Me a Break!

Give Me a Break!


Posted January 22, 2017

My name is Kasie, and I’m a Workaholic. It happens to the best of us- stress over an upcoming project or presentation and you’re convinced there’s no option other than working in overdrive. I bet you’re either actively living this scenario right now or can vividly recall a time your were over-working yourself. I’m here, along with about a million other online health and wellness articles, to tell you to take a break! The longer you work does NOT make you more productive!

It’s Science!

Studies have shown that working for long spans of time, without taking breaks, actually has a negative impact on your productivity.  Still don’t believe me? Here’s how a article explained it…

“It’s great to be a workaholic at your job— that’s how some truly great things get done. However, an emerging scientific consensus is convincing more and more modern workplaces and young professionals that breaks aren’t just a nice thing to have, they might actually be essential for having the most productive day possible.”

You’re Not the Energizer Bunny!

Our minds need to recharge in the same way we recharge our phones and laptops. All you need is the recommended 10 minute mental break after about 90 minutes of work. We’re not talking about a tropical vacation type of break (but those do help!)- think of an activity outside of work that helps you relax. If you’re the person who relieves stress by exercising, take a walk for about 10 minutes or even squeeze in a HOTWORX session during your lunch break. Are you the person who can’t relax without eliminating every possible distraction? Schedule an appointment at your local Planet Beach for a lunchtime massage. Listening to your favorite music or taking the time to catch up with a coworker are great break ideas as well.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a battery % with red indicators when it’s time to recharge. Be aware of your productivity level and recognize the need for a break. Make this a routine, form a habit, heck set an appointment on your work calendar! You’ll thank yourself later.

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