Confidence is a Muscle


Posted February 16, 2020

Great news, confidence is a muscle that we are ALL born with!

Like all muscles, confidence can be built over time and flexed when necessary.  Through each small personal win, we gain confidence which helps propel us to the next small win.  All you need is to do is focus on the details and have the willingness to take action.

Over the years, I have witnessed many people struggle with self-esteem.  Building your overall sense of self worth is possible by letting Planet Beach serve as your one stop shop for all of your beauty and wellness needs.  We often compare ourselves to others by focusing on what they have, that we may not: clear skin, white teeth, defined muscles, or a glowing tan. All of these things can be achieved at Planet Beach! Enjoy whiter teeth, tanner skin or get fit with infrared energy from a HOTWORX sauna.

The other day while working out with a friend, I realized how happy I felt after making the commitment to look and feel my absolute best.  As we were going through a HOTWORX session, my friend was breathing heavily and struggling to get to the next pose, and I realized that I was in a similar state just last October.  My confidence and pride have grown so much since then.   I often find inspiration by reading books, or indulging in one of the many services offered by Planet Beach.

When it comes to appearance, education, and health… details matter!  When you fill out a job application, employers are looking for attention to detail.  Take some time for yourself and show off your best self by enhancing the details!  Building your confidence will make you feel better in situations like job interviews or meetings that could normally cause a little anxiety.

Whether you are making big or small changes, the key is growth.  At Planet Beach, we aren’t about changing who you are or what you look like… it’s all about enhancing those details that make you perfectly you!

You will never regret an investment that you make in yourself.  You were born to win, and with this amazing brand, I’m certain you will!  Just think about how happy you will be when looking and feeling your absolute best!  Let’s build that confidence muscle!

Written By: Courtney Randall, Franchise Performance Coach

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