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Posted March 26, 2017

My son and I have a close bond. Although I’m 23 years his senior, we make it a priority to spend quality time together. Most recently, we’ve been teaming up and working out together in the HOTWORX sauna at least once per week.   HOTWORX is an innovative new fitness program based on the fusion of infrared heat and isometrics. The virtually instructed program combines the benefits of infrared sauna therapy and 14 isometric body postures in a sequence to give you the perfect 15-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or 30-minute Isometric workout. The most important aspect of HOTWORX is that it allows for up to three people to work out simultaneously, while still providing a certain level of privacy in comparison to large group workout sessions.

Having the support and encouragement in a small group setting is instrumental to maintaining your health and fitness goals. A study conducted and published in the International Journal of Stress Management revealed that social exercise (i.e., exercising with another person rather than alone) reduces stress and helps participants maintain weight loss. Of 203 participants, those recruited alone for weight loss programs had a 76% completion rate and 24% maintained their weight loss, whereas those recruited with friends boasted a 95% completion rate and 66% maintained their weight loss in full for 6 months. In addition, using a sample of 136 college students, it was found that exercise produced an overall positive immediate impact on energy, calmness, and tired levels. Furthermore, social exercise improved the stress-reducing benefits of exercise, specifically by increasing calmness after exercising with someone compared with exercising alone.

The benefits of HOTWORX are numerous. It helps to increase strength and flexibility, flushes toxins from the body, reduces stress and burns massive amounts of calories. Most importantly, it provides the appropriate level of competition and motivation that only your fellow teammates can ensue. There is nothing more encouraging than having a family member or friend by your side to help you see it through. Always remember, let the enthusiasm and energy of the group be your fuel.

Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events & Productivity

Jodie Mateu

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