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Posted August 16, 2020

All too often we find people scrunching up their nose at the mention of self-love, as if it’s cheesy and self-indulgent. But learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful and important things you can do in life. At Planet Beach our motto is “Look good, FEEL good” for a reason. When you feel good about yourself and become the source of love in your own life, it changes everything. Your relationships, your career, your health – they all flourish when you start to love yourself. But while we all know deep down that it’s important to love yourself, we may not all know how to do it.

Why is it so hard to love yourself sometimes? We could blame the media and the narrow perception of beauty it promotes. We could blame all the people that ever made hurtful or thoughtless remarks, in most cases unaware of the anguish they would cause. But really it all starts with you feeling good about who you are. Because when you don’t, you can become a magnet for criticism and negativity from others. For some, it takes a conscious, concerted effort to feel more confident. It’s not just about “looks” on a surface level—the way you feel about your looks is a key signifier of the way you think about yourself. There is no one definition of beauty. Obsessively fixating on how you look is limiting beyond belief and prevents you from appreciating everything that is beautiful about you.

When we practice self-love, we cultivate a loving and healthy relationship with ourselves and something magical happens – we become our own best friend. So how do we start that romance? How do we learn to love ourselves?

Here are a few ways you can start practicing the art of self-love right away:

Realize that everyone is beautiful.

Perfection does not exist—everyone you see around you has their own problems, insecurities, things they feel they could improve; however, you may not realize this since you can’t hear people’s thoughts. There is beauty in everyone. Look for it in others and tell people when you find them beautiful!

Recognize and limit external factors that spark feelings of negativity.

Know your triggers—the things that immediately leave you feeling bad about yourself. These may be certain celebrity magazines or social media websites. Identify them and take steps to limit their role in your life.

Discover the root cause that makes you feel bad.

You may hate an aspect or more of your appearance, convincing yourself, “If only I had a thinner body, I would be happy/successful/fulfilled.” However, more than likely, the real reason for your unhappiness lies under the surface. For example, your fixation on getting a better body may stem from an insecurity of never being “good enough.” If this is the case, you will always find an aspect of yourself to criticize, whether it’s your weight or your hair color. Identify the root cause and acknowledge how it’s led you to feel this way. Then remind yourself that it is an irrational insecurity that makes you feel bad about yourself and how you look.

Last, but certainly not least: PRACTICE SELF CARE.

It’s amazing how feeling bad about yourself can make you neglect your body and spirit, turning your back on a nutritious diet, exercise, and relaxation. This will only serve to perpetuate a downward spiral of negativity. You feel bad about yourself, so you don’t take care of yourself, which makes you feel even more negative as you deprive yourself of enough good attention.

At Planet Beach we are here to help you practice self-care. In our mission to Change the Way the World Rejuvenates, we offer a wide variety of automated spa services and quality products to assist our members in treating themselves the way they deserve to be treated from the inside out. Planet Beach is dedicated to helping you achieve self-love along with your health, beauty, wellness, and fitness goals. At just the touch of a button, you’ll experience treatments in a private setting for a fraction of the time and cost compared to a traditional day spa.

It’s time to start your journey to self-love with self-care, and we want to help by being your first step! Give yourself some good attention today and stop by your local Planet Beach spray & spa. Claim your first spa service FREE at a location near you by clicking HERE! You deserve it!


Written By: Paige Stuart, Planet Beach Brand Manager & Franchisee

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