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Posted December 13, 2011

For Contempo Spa member, Sharon Wegner, the service means soft, supple skin


Sharon Wegner is an unapologetic sun worshipper ? whether real or from a bed, she loves the look of glowing skin. She also knows that can come with a price, but regardless she will never give up her radiant color. 

At Planet Beach Contempo Spa Terrytown, Louisiana, Wegner found a way to have it all with Red Light Therapy.

When Wegner heard about Red Light Therapy at her local Planet Beach Contempo Spa Terrytown, she was skeptical. The treatment takes about 15 minutes and delivers an impressive roster of results, including reduced wrinkles, diminished fine lines, softer, more moisturized texture and a more youthful appearance thanks to collagen production.

Red Light Therapy uses heat and concentrated, low infrared light to stimulate circulation, boost collagen production and enhance skin’s natural ability to heal. In fact, it can produce dramatic results in just a few visits and has become one of the most sought-after services at Planet Beach Contempo Spas.

Andrea McNeil, owner of the Terrytown Planet Beach, told Wegner about the service last spring. “I am very experienced with tanning,” Wegner says. “In the early ‘90s I had the first tanning machines in the West Bank in New Orleans, so I am really familiar with tanning and all the pros and cons. If you are going to tan, I know you need to protect your skin. That is incredibly important.”

Red Light Therapy sounded fascinating, so Wegner gave it a try. She applied special moisturizing products (which penetrate to a depth of about 8 to 10 millimeters during the service) and got in the bed, which resembles a UV Therapy bed. Wegner noticed a change in her skin after one session and is now a convert.

“It is an unusual process because it looks like a tanning machine, yet it doesn’t have the heat of a tanning machine,” she says. “It is really moisturizing your skin and giving your skin more elasticity. When you get off the machine, the product you applied has absorbed into your skin.”

The results from full-body red light therapy are so dramatic that Wegner incorporates multiple sessions a week, combined with the Hydration Station and UV Therapy. “I used to have a tendency to have dry skin with tanning, but I don’t have that anymore as long as I do my routine. I do two red light and two hydration services each week, and I don’t have that flakiness on my arms that I used to have.”

She has even made a fan of her husband, who now goes to Planet Beach Contempo Spa and does the same routine as his wife. “I could tell a major difference in the color of his tan and in the texture of his skin, particularly on his back.”

Working at her own spa, Wegner does body wraps on her customers all day, and her hands had gotten pretty rough. Applying lotion twice a day made little difference. Now, her own customers and friends notice the great condition of her hands.

“One of my friends asked me the other day what I had been doing to my hands because they looked soft,” Wegner says. “I know it is a combination of the red light therapy and hydration station.”

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