Thaw Out in a UV Therapy Session at Planet Beach


Posted January 24, 2022

The temperatures are dropping and the bone-chilling air and overcast skies have us bundling up from head to toe. It’s that time of year where you may catch yourself curling up on the sofa with your favorite beverage in hand & your loved one nearby. The consistent arctic atmosphere makes us long for white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and streams of sunlight bursting into the bright blue sky. You may be dreaming of digging your toes in the sand and feeling the sun shine upon your face as the sounds of reggae and the smells of sea salt and coconut awaken the senses. Then suddenly, snap, it’s back to reality as you grab your earmuffs, coat and gloves and walk out into the frigid air to soak up the sun rays filtering through the sky cloaked in shades of gray.

Many experience seasonal affective disorder, referred to as SAD, during the fall and winter months and may feel listless, sluggish and a little sleepier than usual. One theory is that less sunlight during fall and winter leads to decreased production of serotonin in the brain, a chemical linked to brain pathways that regulate mood. If the cold weather has you feeling down, you’re not alone! Web MD reports that 11 million people in the U.S. may be affected by SAD each year, and 25 million more may have a milder form called the winter blues.

Although you may not be able to take a tropical vacation at the drop of a dime, you can break the SAD cycle by visiting your local Planet Beach for a little UV therapy. Receiving a UV treatment in moderation will help to boost melatonin, serotonin & Vitamin D. You’ll immediately be wrapped in warmth while you relax your mind and renew your body. Planet Beach takes pride in offering a variety of automated services and quality products that work together to achieve your beauty, wellness, and fitness goals. Therefore, if your goal is to get a little sun, Planet Beach, has you covered. Stop by your nearest Planet Beach to thaw out and feel great! Visit for a location near you.


Written By: Jodie Mateu, VP of Special Events and Productivity

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