These are a few of my FAVORITE things: Travel Edition

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Posted November 17, 2014

 I love to travel! I travel for pageant coaching, photo and video shoots, girls trips, family vacations … anything really! Any excuse to see something new or go somewhere I have never been, I’m on it!  In the last month I have been in 3 different time zones, 6 cities, and have taken more than 8 flights. Needless to say, I have a gypsy soul, but being on the road can be hard on your skin and on your diet. So here are my 3 travel essentials I won’t leave home without :

    1) Quest Bars. When I’m on the road, healthy meals are not always readily available, but with a quest bar, I can make it until I find one. It’s a cashew based, gluten free bar with a ton of fiber (17 grams) to fill you up and it only consist of 170 calories, 1 sugar and 20 grams of protein per serving.

2) Planet Beach MIST facial spray. If you have ever read any of my beauty blogs you know I’m obsessed with the appearance of healthy looking skin. There is nothing worse than getting off a 5 hour flight and looking like you just got off a 5 hour flight! When I travel, it’s just what my thirsty skin needs to look and feel refreshed. Plus, it comes in a 2oz spray so it is TSA carry on approved!

3) Micro-Dermabrasion Cream. Traveling, especially in the winter, is usually associated with environment change, which can damage your skin. Going from the cold dry air of Charlotte, NC to the warm tropical climate of South FL (or vice versa) can shock your skin, leaving it dry and scalely. Thus, when I get to where I’m going I like to shed away all those dead cells to jump start the healing process and improve and adapt the texture of my skin.

Whether you find yourself at a 3 day work meeting in Dallas, Tx. or living in Mumbai, India for three months (yes that has happened to me-Haha), think manage, renew and improve.  Manage your weight, renew your skin and improve the look and feel of your appearance. When you take care of your body it will take care of you!


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