5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Essential Oils


Posted April 29, 2019

In health and wellness circles, essential oils have been around for decades. Almost all of us know someone in our neighborhood that tries to sell super-overpriced essential oils on their social-media profile, and it seems like essential oils are added to almost everything these days.

With how much it seems like essential oils are part of the main-stream consciousness, there is still a lot of misunderstandings and misinformation about essential oils, and let’s clear up some of that right now! After this, you’ll even be able to teach your essential-oil-selling-neighbor something they are getting wrong (if they’ll listen to you)!

  1. Most essential oils are sold diluted. Even oils that say they are “100% essential oils” could be diluted since a diluting oil called fractionated coconut oil is often added. If you want the most potent and effective stuff, make sure what you are buying doesn’t have a diluting oil added (unless it is sold that way for a specific purpose.
  2. Where oils are sourced matters. Oils are a lot like fine wine. The year and location of where the organic materials were grown makes a difference on how potent and effective they are. Make sure you buy your oils from a source that will provide you with the sourcing details if asked.
  3. How oils are distilled matters. Just like oils you cook with, there are lots of methods to extracting and distilling the oils from the raw plants. Some processes use chemicals, are cheap, and hurt the end product. Other processes are purer, maintain the integrity of the oil, but can be more expensive. If you want the best and most effective oils, get them from a place that distills them the right way.
  4. Some oils are good for their scent, some are good for applying to your skin, and some are good for ingesting. Each oil has its own unique properties and benefits. To get the most out of your oils, make sure you understand it’s benefits and how to use it.
  5. When it comes to diffusing, more isn’t always better. Diffusing is a popular way to enjoy the benefits of an essential oil. There are machines that can help spread the oils through the air in a room. Often times people put way too much oil into their diffuser, thinking more oil means more benefit. Only a few drops are needed to be effective. Any more than that and you are likely just wasting money.

Recently, we partnered with CUREoils to bring you quality therapeutic grade essential oils and essential oil products, like the Space and Body Sprays. CUREoils has been blending and selling essential oil products for 7 years. CUREoils is owned by certified aromatherapist, Tammy Myers. Tammy has been using and blending oils for personal use for years before her retail and wholesale business became a reality.

CUREoils sources essential oils from all over the world for our blends. It is very important to get oils from growers that produce plant material grown in optimal environment and climate. The plant material is then sent to reputable distilleries that use the best distilling practices to protect the integrity of the oils and then that raw product arrives to us. All of the oils are all GC/MS tested to insure purity and the correct level of chemical constituents to provide health benefits.

All of the oils have been sourced with detail to very specific chemical constituents to not only appeal to the senses but benefit the body. We are excited to bring these oils to you in a 15ml bottle:  Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Tea Tree.

The BLENDS have been blended for specific uses with your health benefits in mind. We are proud of our blends and have received acclaim for combinations of oils that are very beneficial.  We are also excited to bring you these specifically blended oils in a 15ml bottle: Clear (respiratory blend), Escape (relaxing blend), Guardian (protective blend), Happy (uplifting blend), Meditate (cognitive blend), Studio (yoga blend).  The following blends are available in a 10ml roll-on bottle: Calm (restful blend), Clear (respiratory blend), Ladies (hormonal blend), Relief (pain blend), Repair (skin healing blend).

You can have confidence that the essential oil products provided to you are the very best products possible for the health and wellness of you, your family, and your business. Visit your local Planet Beach spray & spa to purchase these amazing oils!

Written By: Paige Stuart, Planet Beach Brand Manager & Franchisee

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