Day in the Life of a Planet Beach Member


Posted March 11, 2019

Planet Beach takes pride in offering a variety of automated services and quality products that work simultaneously to help consumers achieve their ultimate beauty, wellness, and fitness goals. From the moment that you step foot in the door, you are greeted by a trained spa consultant who will assist you in selecting a regime that exceeds your expectations and will help you look and feel your very best.  You will experience the ultimate feeling of relaxation as you escape in one our automated massage services, or walk out with a golden glow after indulging in a UV or Sunless Spray Tanning Session.  As a 20-year Planet Beach patron and Franchisee, it’s easy for me to brag about the services that I love so much. In this segment, the day in the life of a Planet Beach member, you will receive insight from one of our loyal members, Skylar Hannan.

Brief Bio & Hobbies:
Skylar has been a dedicated Planet Beach member for over one year and has recently decided to join the team as a Spa Consultant.  Her hobbies include spending time with friends, shopping, cheering with LA Spirit and traveling to any tropical destination.


1. What attracted you to the Planet Beach Brand?  Planet Beach is a one stop for all your wellness and beauty needs. Not only do I like to maintain my overall health due to cheerleading, but I love to have the “right off the beach” glow. Planet Beach gives me the amazing results I’m looking for, and I can be a golden glowing goddess year-round. Lol

2. How long have you been a member of Planet Beach?  I have been a loyal, dedicated member of Planet Beach for over a year.

3. How often do you visit Planet Beach?  I visit Planet Beach EVERYDAY!!!

4. What are your favorite Products & Services and why?  Now, this is a tricky question. All of the products and services are AMAZING! But if I had to choose… My favorite services and products are the Mystic Spray tan and UV services. I spray once a week for my cheerleading competitions. The great benefits of the Mystic Spray tan are no streaks, no orange, it’s a natural glow, customizable to fit every member’s skin tone, and the best part is that it lasts 5-7 days. To maintain my color, I use the platinum and the high-pressure UV beds. To achieve my maximum color, my favorite UV lotion is the Pink Party Bronzer. Not only does it give me a beautiful golden color, it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

5. What results have you seen from your services?  With the added benefits of UV lotions, and the ingredients such as DHA, Coconut Sugar, Caffeine and Allantoin, my skin is much darker and richer in color. It also has helped moisturize, tighten and tone my skin.

6. How has Planet Beach improved your life?  It has helped me become more confident in my own skin. I always feel great about my body when I leave here.

7. What recommendation would you give to someone that has never tried it before?  I would recommend Planet Beach to everyone! Planet Beach offers a wide variety of automated services to help achieve any health, wellness and beauty need. Anyone who comes to Planet Beach will not regret it!

Thank you to Skylar for sharing your personal experience. We love our members and want to hear their personal stories. If you’ve ever visited a Planet Beach, please share your feedback as a response to this blog. We always strive to create the best experience for our members so that they become raving fans and keep coming back. Sam Walton said, “the goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.” Planet Beach strives every day to provide a legendary customer experience that will last a lifetime.  We appreciate you and value your business and hope to see you soon.

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