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Posted April 7, 2015

Who doesn’t love their home and office to smell good? I love the room to be filled with my favorite scents; so naturally, I love candles and i’ve been on the search for the perfect one.

I always seem the run into the same issues when it come to candles. I find candles that smell great up close, but you can’t smell them when they’re lit. Sometimes, I find candles that smell strong, but are to pungent when they’re lit. Then I feel like lighting two of the same could be the solution, but that gets pricey! Every time I find a candle that is just right, it will only last for about two good burns. These are the problems most candle lovers find! #TheCandleStruggle

That is until I discovered the Wyx candles by Planet Beach. They are perfect to fill up any room or office. The beauty of it is you just need one! These candles are HUGE! They will burn between 110 and 150 hours… that’s incredible! There are two different collections: Pure Essential Oils Collection and Natural Oils Collection. I love the aromatherapy scents, they are my personal favorite!

Last, but not least, every Candle contains a surprise promotional doubloon for your chance to win one of the following: a $5 online credit, a $20 online credit, a $500 mini vacation for two, or a GRAND PRIZE VACATION for two worth $7,000!!! If that doesn’t make these candles perfect, I don’t know what does! Buy yours TODAY at your local Planet Beach or!


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