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Wedding Planning? Include us.


Posted November 11, 2015


Weddings are on my mind, perhaps because so many of our members are currently in the process of creating their dream wedding for this upcoming summer. There are all kinds of fascinating blogs and articles about the current trends in modern weddings. The most interesting trend, in my opinion, is that couples are planning weddings that communicate who they are as a couple, as opposed to what their parents want.

I know one thing for sure. Bringing your bridal party to one our spas should be on your list of ‘must do’. It’s a wonderful way to say thank you to all the special ladies in your life that have supported you and cheered for you during your single years.

But tell me what you’re doing to make your wedding unique and representative of you and your fiancé? Inside or out? Beach, mountains or city? Traditional or a little on the crazy side?

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