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To Dress or Not to Dress for Halloween? That is the question!


Posted October 13, 2015


I have two little girls who both live for Halloween. In early September they start talking about what costume they are going to wear, spending hours discussing it between them and pouring over costume sites. I get a huge kick out of how much they love dressing up, although I do miss when they were babies and I could put them in whatever I chose. Those soft, fuzzy costumes for babies are the best! Right?

Anyway, after they’ve chosen their costumes, they start in on me. “Will you dress up with us this year?”

I’m a bit of a Halloween scrooge when it comes to dressing up. It seems like so much effort to figure out a costume, not to mention the time and expense, which makes me feel a bit like Scary Clown without the costume (see photo). But this year I promised I would join them in their masquerade fun. We’ve been invited to a party and the holiday does fall on a Saturday this year, so I have no excuse.

But what to wear? I’m a single mom with a steady boyfriend I’m hoping to make my husband before too long, so I have to look cute and/or hot without being tacky in front of my girls and their friends. So, Scary Clown is definitely out.

A friend of mine of questionable taste told me she went as a naughty Bo Peep a few years back and had three marriage proposals that Halloween night. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Anyway, tell me your ideas for great costumes. Are you dressing up? If so, what are you going as this year? Will you stop by for one of our spa treatments before going out?

Hmm…speaking of our treatments, maybe I should bag dressing up and just get one of our facials instead. That’s one way to avoid looking like Scary Clown, whether I dress up or not!

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