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Posted February 19, 2016

Some athletes inject human growth hormone (HGH) to increase performance. The risks of harmful side effects and long-term harm are just not worth the benefits. Not to mention, HGH is banned by almost every professional sport.

Go Natural!!!!

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While surfing the web recently I ran across an article posing the question, “Are saunas the next performance enhancing ‘drug’?” That question captured my attention and led me to read the story.

Quote from the article:

“According to Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, Ph.D., increasing your core temperature for short periods, as is done by using a sauna, may offer dramatic improvements to your athletic performance. She calls this concept “hyperthermic conditioning,” which emerging research suggests has multiple positive effects on your body, from increased endurance to the growth of new brain cells.”

Anabolic is derived from the Greek word anabollein , which means to build up. Anabolism is constructive metabolism and is part of the process whereby muscle develops. In the story, the author makes the point that there are natural ways to increase HGH levels including sauna therapy. The article states that, “Sauna use combined with exercise may lead to even greater, synergistic increases in HGH as well as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is beneficial for your brain.”

With the deep penetrating radiant heat from an infrared sauna these effects can be even greater than that of traditional saunas!

At a glance, the story makes 5 points:

1-Increasing core body temperature for short periods in a sauna may dramatically increase athletic performance.

2-“Hypothermic Conditioning” has multiple positive effects including the release of human growth hormone (HGH) and promotes the growth of new brain cells.

3-Many benefits to your body occur as it becomes acclimated to the heat.

4-The deep penetrating heat of infrared saunas will enhance your metabolic process while speeding up the detoxification process.

5-Always be mindful of how much heat your body can take.

As a trainer myself, It is important to remember, if you are working out in the heat, to “go at your own best pace”. Challenge yourself, but don’t overdo it is the best rule. I plan to write an article soon about intensity levels while working out in the heat. Stay tuned for that one.

I can attest to the amazing benefits of working out in an infrared heat environment and the fitness gains through body acclamation to heat. As a snow skier, my skill level has elevated like never before since my commitment to add a 2 session per week 30-minute isometric routine in the Hot Box Detox to my weekly workout program.

Now back to another quote from the article that I mentioned… “As your body is subjected to reasonable amounts of heat stress, it gradually becomes acclimated to the heat, prompting a number of beneficial changes to occur in your body. These adaptations include increased plasma volume and blood flow to your heart and muscles (which increase athletic endurance) along with increased muscle mass due to greater levels of heat-shock proteins and growth hormone.”

So no matter what type of fitness or athletic goal you have, you should try adding hot exercise to your workout regime and you will see the benefits first hand.

Challenge yourself!

Steve Smith, Planet Beach, CEO

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