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Red Lipstick


Posted October 27, 2015


My grandmother never went out of the house without her red lipstick neatly applied. She was raised in Alabama and even though she lived for fifty years in California, she never lost her southern accent or manners. She also believed – to feel good, you must look good, and that no matter what you felt like inside, you must present a good face to the world. Therefore, the lipstick and weekly trips to the salon to have her hair set were

We’re of a different generation, of course. She would be shocked to see what we do at the gym, let alone what we wear to the gym. I’m not sure she would have approved of the tight yoga pants we’re all so fond of, and I know for certain she couldn’t do a single sit-up when she was in her forties. But regardless of the generational differences, we can all agree that she was right about one thing. To feel good, one must look good. And looking good is not for sissies. We could let ourselves go, but instead we choose to exercise, eat right and take care of our skin and hair.

As a Planet Beach member I am able to keep my skin glowing with our unlimited spray tan option. I know my grandmother would have been happy to hear I was staying out of the real sun, yet enjoying the benefits of a tan. Look good on the outside – feel good on the inside.

But thinking about my grandmother, how different it is to be a woman in today’s world than it was in hers, made me curious of what has remained the same. What is something you do as a ritual that is similar to my grandmother’s red lipstick? Do you make it a rule never to go out of the house without make-up on? Or maybe you get your nails done every other week? Hair highlighted every six weeks? Exercise every day? Do tell.

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