Product Spotlight: Wyx Candles


Posted December 10, 2014

It’s that time of year again. Time to shop until you drop, trying to find the perfect gifts for your family and friends for Christmas. One particular “go-to” gift that saves me every year is Candles. Who doesn’t love candles, right? I know I do. Plant Beach is here to help supply your quick and easy “go-to” gift this year. Not only will this be something anyone will love, but there are also special perks to purchasing a Planet Beach Essential Oil or Natural Candle.

Wyx Candles by Planet Beach are sophisticated, yet raw. These candles have no dyes, no preservatives and no additives. These candles have nothing but natural ingredients.

Pure Essential Oils Collection

The scent that is produced when you burn a Wyx candle in this collection comes from pure essential oils that we blend with premium natural soy wax.

Natural Oils Collection

These candles produce a fragrance that derives from all natural oils that are not essential oils.  Our natural oils are either virgin oil (coconut) or a blend of essential oils, resins and natural aromatic ingredients.


Aromatherapy is the use of scent to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Candles made with essential oils and other natural oils provide an excellent way to experience aromatherapy.

Premium Soy Wax

Planet Beach uses wax made from soy beans grown by family farms in the USA.  When you burn Wyx all natural candles you are supporting sustainable agriculture.  Our wax is Kosher Certified.

Wood Wicks

Our wicks are made with the finest wood in the USA and pressure processed for 3 days. These extra large wooden wicks provide for a very quick melt pool and a wide dispersion of aroma.  They are very clean burning and the soft wood provides for ultimate performance.

Now, remember the perks I was talking about before? This is the Perk of ALL PERKS! Planet Beach Pure Essential Oil and Natural Oil candles are amazing in every way, BUT we wanted to make them extra, EXTRA special. Hidden in the soy wax of every Wyx Pure Essential Oil and Natural Oil Candle are promotional coins, AKA Doubloons. Why Doubloons? Because, Planet Beach is from New Orleans Ya’ll!

Every single candle contains a promotional doubloon that will entitle you to one of these Great Prizes:

1)     $5 Online Credit – to use on, because we know you can’t get enough of their products!

2)     $20 Online Credit – to use on because who doesn’t appreciate an extra $20 to spend on a products they love!

3)     $500 Mini Vacation for Two – What? A mini Vacation for 2?? Yep, that is correct!

4)     GRAND PRIZE Vacation for Two Worth $7,000.00 – JACKPOT!! And all you have to do it buy an amazing candle you already love!

To start shopping for this year’s “go-to” gifts right away, visit now!

Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping, y’all!

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