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Off the diet rails? Hot Box Detox is here to save the day!


Posted October 28, 2015


I’ve been eating low-carb for months, except for the several weeks I carb-loaded before my Spartan races. I finished the last race of the season last week and have been back on the low-carb wagon.

That is until just now when I devoured a blueberry scone from the pack I bought for my daughters. I don’t know what got into me. I just had to have it.

It could be hormones, or really anything. Just sometimes we have to cheat. I find it’s helpful to fall of the wagon once in awhile and give into the craving.

What’s the last craving you gave into? Did you feel guilty about it or were you forgiving of yourself?

If you tend toward the guilty side, I’m here to remind you that our Hot Box Detox system is available to you anytime. Toxins and calories be gone, no matter if you cheated a little.

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