Getting to know our 2015 Cover Models: Rachael Todd


Posted October 7, 2014

Rachael Todd, Miss Florida 2009, holds a Bachelors degree in Interpersonal Communications. She graduated in May 2014 with a graduate degree in Positive Psychology and graduated as a certified yoga teacher in 2012 at the Kripalu Institute for Health and Wellness. Rachael’s consulting company, RKT Consulting, LLC, has a mission to help women to redefine and expand the parameters that they’ve allowed to define them. Rachael works with clients on confidence and self-esteem from the inside out. Rachael was the youngest nominee for the 11th Annual Outstanding Service to the Homeless award. In her spare time, Rachael enjoys being outdoors, practicing yoga, reading, being with her boyfriend and family, fitness/commercial modeling, and traveling!

Q: How did you hear about the Planet Beach Cover Model Competition? What inspired you to participate? 

I heard about the competition on the internet and I was inspired to participate after I read what the company was all about! The need for everyone to take time out, for themselves, to meditate, relax, breathe! We all forget to breathe. With my yoga practice and as an instructor, that is where we start with students, getting them in touch with their breath.

Q: What is your favorite Planet Beach spa service and why?

My favorite service is the sunless tanning. I have red hair and fair skin so in order to get the right glow for photo shoots and events I always love to take advantage of the sunless services.

Q: What is your favorite Planet Beach product and why?

My favorite products are the entire PBGlow Sunless collection!

Q: What are your goals as a Planet Beach Cover Model?

My goals are to work synergistically with Planet Beach to both grow our brands. I have my own consulting company, RKT Consulting, LLC. RKT Consulting’s mission is to work with women to redefine the parameters they have allowed the world to place on them through the use of positive psychology principles, yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices and also by integrating my pageant experience into my practice. I am currently in school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to receive a certification in health coaching so that I can offer that as part of my consulting business as well. I really love what Planet Beach stands for, I believe we all have to take care of ourselves first in order the give the world the best version of ourselves, and Planet Beach provides that environment to put your own oxygen mask on first.

Q: Describe the Planet Beach company in three words.

Innovative, Mindfulness, Bliss

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment? We all have one! (at least!)

My first job was as a hostess at Chili’s in Oviedo, FL. One of the cooks cut their finger very badly and I was asked to drive him to the hospital. At the time, I thought I wanted to be a doctor/surgeon so when they invited me to watch the finger get sewn back up, I was very excited! As I was watching, I felt very strange, I remember standing up to leave the room and the next thing I remember is waking up on the floor of the hospital, with a very cute male nurse standing over me. I remember him calling for someone to get me some scrubs so that I could change my pants. I had lost bladder control when I fell to the ground!

Q: What is your career aspiration?

My career inspiration is to have a successful consulting business and help many, many women to find the next best version of themselves and live the life they’ve always imagined. I am very passionate about sharing my own story and struggles and I hope to write my own book as well! I am also really looking forward to having my own family someday!

Q: If you could have dinner with one figure in history and ask them any one question, who and what would it be?

That person would have to be Marilyn Monroe. I would love to know all about her life behind the scenes, away from the camera.

Stay tuned to learn more about our 2015 Cover Models!

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