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Foods That Fight Colds


Posted September 30, 2015

farmers-market--bananasAutumn has arrived. Along with the changing colors of the season, the cooler weather has brought the first head colds to our house, causing me to wonder if there is anything that might ward off the inevitable sniffles and coughs? According to an article over at one of our favorite fitness experts,, there are five foods that act as warriors against the need for tissues: bananas, sweet potatoes, cayenne pepper, garlic and whole grains. I’m assuming combining them into one dish isn’t the idea here, although it would be a great challenge for one of the cooking shows where they give the professional chefs five ingredients and thirty minutes to cook.

If these wonder foods aren’t your thing, come visit us for some pampering. With our spa offerings – facials, massages, light therapy and more, we’re sure to ward off the nasties. But don’t expect any garlic from us. You’ll have to see your mother for that!

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