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Buy Yourself Some Flowers


Posted October 15, 2015


I bought flowers for myself last week. Nothing extravagant, just a pretty bundle of orange dahlias that brightened up a gloomy, rainy afternoon. They look beautiful in my kitchen and give me a lift every time I see them. When my daughter came home from school, she asked, “Mom, did someone send you flowers?”

“No, honey. I bought them for myself.”

“Oh. Well, that was a good idea.” She didn’t comment further, except to say how pretty they were.

But it got me thinking. How often do we do something for ourselves that will make us feel good or brighten our day? I’m guessing not nearly enough, especially given how much we do for others. What kind of messages do we send to our daughters when we care only for others and not ourselves?

We’re passionate about giving you the gift of rejuvenation. We know without a doubt that you deserve a little pampering on a regular basis, and we’ve figured out how to give that to you at a price you can afford. Come on in for a little escape. You’ll come out feeling as pretty as the bouquet of flowers on my table.

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