The Positive Impact of Automated Technology


Posted January 15, 2017

To be part of an organization that fosters a workplace for innovation and creativity and thrives on forward thinking is something most people dream of. The origin and history of Planet Beach is a story we tell quite often here. Every time I hear the story or tell it myself, I’m still amazed by what Planet Beach has accomplished in the past 20 years. Automated technology played a role in our foundation with UV tanning, transformed us into the “automated spa” we are today, and will continue to help us achieve amazing things in the future.

Automated Spa

What started out only offering UV tanning eventually lead to the variety of automated spa services we see in a Planet Beach spray & spa today. Planet Beach CEO and founder, Stephen P. Smith, recognized the beginning of the decline in demand for tanning and acknowledged the heightened role automated technology played our everyday lives. It’s quite an accomplishment to say that we pioneered the “automated spa” concept! Who would have thought 20 years ago that we would have equipment to make achieving your beauty, wellness, and fitness goals convenient and affordable?

Automated Everything

Automated technology has such a huge impact on today’s society that it almost goes unnoticed! Bills are paid automatically, checks are deposited automatically, cars are started automatically, airplanes are flown with automation, and TV recordings are scheduled automatically. I remember when a TV Guide Magazine was delivered with the newspaper once a week. Physically flipping through a magazine to decide what to watch on TV that night made satellite TV with push-button access to an entire week’s program schedule basically unfathomable! Automated technology now allows cars can to parallel park themselves. Need I say more about the progress we’ve made?

The point I’m trying to make is that automated technology is such a significant part of our history and will continue to have a significant impact on our future. With the history of Planet Beach and the transition from strictly tanning to the automated spa services now offered, you can easily recognize the role it played in getting us where we are today as an organization. Do you think the members that tanned at Planet Beach in 1996 could have imagined walking out the door with beautifully bronzed skin immediately following a 5-minute spray tan? What about the beauty and wellness goals you can achieve with automated massage, facial, spray tan, and teeth whitening sessions? It makes you wonder what the world will be like in 5, 10, 15 years!

I’m excited to see where Planet Beach is headed with the future of automated technology. Keep your eyes open!

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