Aromatherapy Soothes Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Aromatherapy Soothes Side Effects of Cancer Treatment


Posted October 14, 2016

Look to Aromatherapy to help soothe your mind and body during Chemotherapy and Radiation.

If you are suffering through the side-effects of chemotherapy or radiation, Planet Beach is here to help. Of course we offer many relaxing spa services that may help relax your mental as well as your physical state, but did you know that we have aromatherapy products that can help soothe your symptoms while in the privacy of your own home? We offer 100% all natural soy wax candles that are hand made and scented with therapeutic grade A essential and all natural fragrance oils. They have a non-toxic wood wick that has a slight crackle sound while you enjoy this clean burning candle. We also offer Wyx therapeutic grade A essential and all natural fragrance oils in 1oz. bottles as well as our essential and natural oil blended Wyx Spa Sprays.

Two very common side-effects of chemo and radiation are headaches and nausea. Peppermint is a great natural way to combat both, as well as lift your spirits and energy level. Try our Wyx Peppermint candle or pick up a bottle of Wyx therapeutic grade A essential oil of peppermint to use in a diffuser or warmer.

The immune system is definitely compromised while undergoing treatment and you or a loved one needs all the help you can get. Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Tea Tree oils are known to help stimulate the immune system. The Wyx line offers a few ways for you to incorporate these oils into your daily regime. Of course we have the candles and the oils but we also offer 3 variations of Wyx spa sprays that have therapeutic grade A tea tree oil in them. These are great to take with you to use in your car or office space.

Planet Beach is all about helping you relax with our Wyx Lavender/Lemon candle. This is a mix of two therapeutic grade A essential oils that have a clean earthy fragrance. These two oils are also available to purchase alone for use in a diffuser or warmer.

Our Wyx products can be found on or at a Planet Beach location (product selection may vary).

Be sure to visit your local Planet Beach this month to take advantage of some very special promotions to help benefit some very special ladies that are in the fight of their life.

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