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7 Tips On How To Treat Yourself This Holiday Season!


Posted December 13, 2013

As wonderful as they can be, the Holidays are also stressful. We run around trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone special to us…but we tend to forget about ourselves. When out trying to create all this magical wonderment for others, we have to remember to treat yourself every now and again to recharge and refocus.

I know what you’re thinking, “I just don’t have the time!” Lucky for you, your friends at Planet Beach are available to set up convenient spa services that will help you to relax and unwind from all the chaos and holiday madness.

Below are just 7 of the many services and products that Planet Beach offers:

  1. Hydro-Derma Fusion is amazing for hydrating our skin from the cold and drying winter weather.
  2. Massage Chairs, HydroMassage and AquaMassage can work out all those kinks from carrying our bags through the mall and built up tension from our visiting relatives.
  3. Get a Red Light facial or full body facial to help with any winter damage to our skin.
  4. Oxygen Therapy is perfect for a quick pick me up in between stores to get that last burst of energy so you never have to drop!
  5. Harsh Holiday weather got your skin dull and dry: Try Planet Beach Nourish to a rich lush hydrating moisturizer great for the winter.
  6. Running around shopping all day got you tired? Are your eyes puffy and heavy? try Planet Beach Collagen eye mask out the fridge to wake you up and lift those tired eyes.
  7. Family in town and got you stressed? try our Spa socks and Shoulder wraps as well as other stress reducing at home spa products from Planet Beach and Dream time.

Need more???? Check out your local Planet Beach for countless services and products to help you to be beautiful, glowing, and stress-free this Holiday season!

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