Planet Beach Contempo Spa: Customer Review of Cyber Relax and Lumiere

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Posted September 8, 2011

Review by Planet Beach Customer, Faith Shealy

After hearing about Planet Beach Contempo Spa and all of its services, I was very excited to experience it for myself.

Faith Shealy getting a Lumiere facial in the Cyber Relax Chair.

The relaxing spa atmosphere took over as soon as I entered the Contempo Spa on Corporate Boulevard in Baton Rouge. From the moment I walked through the door, the ladies at the front counter were very attentive. They were eager to tell me the benefits of the services and walked me through how each of the services worked. They also offered products that work with each service, explaining how the products and services worked together for maximum benefit.

I decided to try the Cyber Relax chair and the Lumiere facial.

First step: washing my make-up off and applying the lotion that works with the red lights in the facial. I sat down in the Cyber Relax chair and Jamie, the spa consultant, adjusted it to match my body. The foot rest moved, conforming to my feet as the leg rest was raised. The back of the chair reclined. The chair massaged all parts of my body – even my feet – and I could customize the pressure levels to get the massage I wanted.

The massage lasted 15 minutes but it was by far the most relaxing massage

 I’ve ever gotten. I wasn’t uncomfortable because someone was touching me; it was all automated. Such an easy service is perfect for someone in a hurry who just has a few minutes to spare – the benefits lasted all day and then some.The chair stopped the massage five minutes before the facial, giving me more time to relax so I didn’t feel rushed before the next service.

When the Lumiere facial started, my face became tingly for the first few minutes. The red light was extremely bright, which Jamie had told me about ahead of time, so I wore goggles. After the facial, which lasted about 20 minutes, I used the moisturizer they had given me to lock in the results of the red light. My face was smooth and I didn’t need to wear make-up for a week because my skin looked so smooth and flawless.

The convenience of the automated push-button services cannot be overstated. I didn’t have to worry about being self conscious with a massage therapist touching me or attempt awkward conversation during the massage and facial.

I want to go back. Planet Beach Contempo Spa is a great concept. The automated day spa franchise should have a location on every corner, with a line out the front door.

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